Justin Trudeau #ReverseSpeech and Connected Reversals to Agenda 2030 Analysis

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You might like to have two devices, one to watch our vid, then one to follow along with me in the description box below the video, then pause to explore further & play as you like. Agenda 2030 explored thru RS.

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Agenda 2030 is explored through Reverse Speech including the recent Building Back Better slogan and advertisement used by Justin Trudeau, and connected reversals.

What’s Reverse Speech?

Reverse Speech is an involuntary hard-wired-for-truth-only system. This side of humans seems to come from the same place as our dreams and body language. So, our verbal communication indicates that consciousness through our in our forward speech flows in more than one direction. We have free will to lie in our forward speech, but not in reverse speech that comments on our forward speech in most cases.

I’m a Reverse Speech analyst train by David Oates, my teacher who discovered this reverse communication. And, these are my best opinions about what the Revers Speech I’m finding means. I’m happy to share my findings, but please do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

More Information on what RS is-

****How to Read the Transcript:
F= What was said forward
R= What was said in reverse.
[Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by time indicators and the interpretation.

And now the transcript:

Justin Trudeau-

F1: Building back better means giving support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development [and the SDG's.]
R1: Siege need sign it.
F = 0:00:06 to 0:00:17, R = 0:00:15 to 0:00:16
-A siege is necessary to sign it, or to authorize it. A siege is, “a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside.” So, a military operation is needed to authorize the SDG’s, or Sustainable Development Goals.

F2: This pandemic has provided an opportunity [for a reset.]
R2: I see a wolf.
F = 0:00:20 to 0:00:24, R = 0:00:22 to 0:00:23
-There is a wolf in the reset. In this context wolf appears to mean wolf, as in the big bad wolf that’s coming to attack you and gobble you up.

Another reversal I’ve found with the word siege in it came up in the Reverse Speech of Corey Goode who believes he’s an ET contactee when he told us what the ET’s want us to know.

Corey Goode RS-

F1: [The main message from these ETs is for us to prepare ours]...
R1: Sir read equal pizza offer op siege needs the bush to sign for knee input.
F = 0:00:13 to 0:00:17, R = 0:00:13 to 0:00:17
-The main message from these ET’s is to prepare ourselves to the same degree connected to what’s being read as a trafficking (especially children) offer through the use of a military siege operation where a sign, like a sign from God, is used to authorize subservience. So, basically, they are trying to force our allowance of trafficking, especially child trafficking connected to ET’s. ET’s are continually coming through in RS as a child trafficking front as part of a global fascist agenda toward transhumanism. See Flight of the Navigator pic.

But who is it that NEEDS this trafficking so badly and what are things being done specifically in this siege in order to maintain and advance this global trafficking agenda?

More RS Connecting UFOs to AI, Child Trafficking, and other Criminal Activity-
Ok, here's the first RSA I did where I found information connecting the UFOs with Mossad, Nazis, and Baby Farming- Child Trafficking operations in the speech of a woman who was so happy and excited about seeing a UFO. So if you go to the link below, you will be able to see her video of what she was looking at and listen to the reversals and see the interpretation of that woman’s RS as she is excitedly describing the UFO.

Scroll way to the bottom and look for the video I did to hear the Reverse Speech for this one that also appears to tie UFOs to mind control, children, and clandestine operations-
F1: [That is the coolest thing I've ever recorded. Thank you.]
R1: Greys near. They know you move it in the kids zone. We slink out.
F = 0:00:11 to 0:00:15, R = 0:00:11 to 0:00:15
- Grey in RS means mind control and/or abduction/ implantation/ possession... seems in alignment with transhumanism. The UFO slinks or sneaks in and out of the kids zone, likely places holding or inhabited by kids in some way.

Obama Reversal-

F1: [By almost every economic measure], America's better off than when I came here.
R1: Program human to keep HUMINT sow more ebb.
F = 0:00:03 to 0:00:09, R = 0:00:03 to 0:00:06
- HUMANS ARE BEING PROGRAMMED in order to keep HUMINT stalking/sabotage/remote torture/slow kill networks in place which will have a bigger impact in the goal of planting decline or decay.

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Child Alleging Sexual Abuse in Frisco Texas Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot. Info below.

F1: [And, mommy watch]es it.
R1: Is the ALF keen on it?
F = 0:00:23 to 0:00:26, R = 0:00:23 to 0:00:26
- This seems to be indicating that connected to the Mommy-watch, is an ALF that is keen on watching sexual abuse in some way. An ALF is an alien or artificial life form. I’ve found that those terms are describing A.I. and transhumanism in Reverse Speech. Being keen on something- “interested in something and enjoying it, especially an activity that you do often.” Example: “All the kids are keen on swimming.”


This is the second time I’ve found RS referencing children being interacted with inappropriately connected to artificial intelligence.
F2: [And, mo mommies...]
R2: We feel even if we vomit on it.
F = 0:00:50 to 0:00:53, R = 0:00:50 to 0:00:53
- Sophie appears to feel that she cannot escape this abuse she’s describing even as she tries to express her feelings about it. Reverse Speech Definition of Vomit- VOMIT- emotional outpouring; the communication of dysfunctional metaphors; to be rejected by the unconscious; scum and slime from the psyche.

F3: [...I'm tired of it.]
R3: An egg-plundering cat, the noise owned it.
F = 0:00:59 to 0:01:02, R = 0:00:59 to 0:01:02
- Plunder- “…steal goods from (a place or person), typically using force and in a time of war or civil disorder.” From Google dictionary search for plunder. Here is the definition of the cat metaphor- “protective part of the psyche; hunter; very much to himself; deceptive, elusive, devious; a lone protector.” - Something new being created is connected to defense of the psyche, and the stealing by force in a time of war, or civil disorder that is coming through a “noise” or mental chatter of some kind. The cat metaphor keeps showing up in connection with artificial intelligence and trauma.

Mary Obasi’s Video- The Canaanite Connection and The Elites-

Gina Hill Reverse Speech Indicating Google Connection to UFO’s and her own Targeting-
F19: You people who say [people who believe in U]FO’s and space ships and thinks something’s up there that we’re crazy?
R19: We never hear the Google thief.




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