Sherrill, Biden, Cuomo, Ivanka Trump, Charlize Reverse Speech & more in the Transhuman War on Humans

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Rumble Rep. Mikie Sherrill Wants Trump Out And Congress Punished for Aiding Riot Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

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Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ), a Navy veteran and Annapolis grad who sits on the House Armed Services Committee.

F100: we will however have a transition of power.
R100: Neural act punched tension. Barack how they'll adorn you.
F = 0:02:50 to 0:02:53, R = 0:02:50 to 0:02:53
- Something connected to the transition of power and a neural act is encouraging relaxation that looks to be combined with pacifying Barack. I wonder if targeting is being used for this relaxation and pacification of the Barack camp?

F101: [on January 20th and Joe Biden will be our next President.]
R101: Heads up. Send our feed. Boom. We are fortunate that they not steal the nation.
F = 0:02:53 to 0:02:56, R = 0:02:53 to 0:02:56
- Connected to January 20th and Joe Biden being our next President, we need to pay attention to something being sent gradually through a confined space, or something that will nourish connected to a great impact and connected to being fortunate our country is not being stolen.

F102: to talk to you about the fact that [this President needs to be removed.]
R102: Spoil effort. We deceive. Pans opposite.
F = 0:02:59 to 0:03:03, R = 0:03:01 to 0:03:03
- Connected to this President needing to be removed is a spoiled effort connected to deception that pans out in the opposite in some way.

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