The Flat Earth Theory - A Short Introduction

3 years ago

God's Flat Earth - Odysee
God's Flat Earth - Bitchute Channel

Introduction By WOKETOWN - Original Video :

Second Half - infowars
Greg Reese's original video.


Sources Of information:

Neil Degrasse Tyson
To all those who have seen the curve of the earth

The Flat Earth Theory - A Short Introduction

NASA - Blue Origin's Shepard Flight - 240,000 Feet

CIA, Russia, NASA, US Army Docs: Motionless Flat Earth

TOP 10 Reasons Why I Dont Trust NASA

SpaceX - Elon Musk Lies

Believing In The Moon Landings (For The Attention Of David Wood)

NASA's Inconvenient Truth: It's NOT Too Big a Conspiracy!

Boats don't sail over the curve of the earth - they sail out of our visual range
The Horizon / Perspective & Angular Resolution

Antarctica & Admiral Byrd: Operation Fishbowl / Dominic
The Antarctica DECEPTION
Getting Permission For An Expedition To Antarctica

The 1892 Gleason's Map & Flight Paths

NASA Images & Photoshop

NASA's Underwater Space walks

Lessons On Islam Owen Benjamin

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