Fired for Faith - Jeremy Tedesco

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In this episode Kevin talks with Jeremy Tedesco, Esq., a senior legal council for Alliance Defending Freedom who is currently representing Kelvin Cochran. In the United States of America in the 21st century, is it possible for a qualified individual to be fired from his job solely on the basis of his religious beliefs? We would all like to think that the answer is no, but this seems to be exactly what happened to Kelvin Cochran, former fire chief of Atlanta, GA.

After having achieved the highest possible position for a fireman in 2009 (US Fire Administrator), and being named Fire Chief of the Year in 2012, Cochran was dismissed from his position in Atlanta in 2014. Why? For writing and self-publishing a devotional, completely separate from his job as fire chief, which stated his Christian perspective on marriage and sexuality. When the devotional was first brought to public attention, Cochran was suspended without pay, and an investigation revealed that he had not treated anyone unfairly on the basis of their sexuality. Yet he was still fired, because of his beliefs rather than his actions. How could he be treated in a manner so completely contrary to America’s principles of freedom? The truth is that as society’s esteem for religion (specifically Christianity) diminishes, attacks on religious freedom increase. Can our First Amendment rights be defended, or will they soon be a happy memory? Learn more about Kelvin Cochran’s case at, and consider contributing to this fine organization as it fights to defend your rights!

This episode first aired on May 17th, 2015.
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