Tony Katz Today: Has Trump Taught The Political Right How To Fight?

Published November 12, 2020 427 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- COVID shutdowns and restrictions are making a comeback. The conversation about how hospital systems operate is more important now than ever.

- If you are a state elected official that decides to shutdown a business, you should feel the pain of losing income with them. Government cannot be in the business of quarantining the healthy.

- Bernie Sanders wants to be Labor Secretary. Elizabeth Warren says Biden won by running on the Progressive agenda. Ocasio-Cortez says people want us to go further Left.

- Jeffery Toobin has been fired from The New Yorker following an indecent exposure incident on a zoom call. He claims user error with the computer camera. Will Toobin remain on at CNN?

- The Carter Baker Report and how it applies to the current election.

- Representative Ilhan Omar has discovered the ultimate grift to financially benefit from her political office. $2.8 million to her husband's political consultant firm. And that's not all.

The Big Story:

Will the The New York Times ever regain their reputation as the newspaper of record? Not as long as they reject free speech and differing opinions. Bari Weiss was correct to say that the paper operates for coastal elites and rejects any differing perspective. We revisit the Bari Weiss resignation, the backlash against the Tom Cotton op-ed and the firing of James Bennett for allowing the op-ed to be published.

Any attempt to back peddle accountability for the paper's radicalization should be denied. The cowards at The New York Times cannot be allowed to push a Far Left narrative and masquerade as journalists. This is why the election results must be confirmed and official before we move forward. The media apparatchik can't be permitted to determine the results of our elections.

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