Invention with Brian Forbes Episode 5

Published November 12, 2020 4 Views

Rumble The dry frivolity of England continues as host Brian Forbes talks with inventor Sir Reginald Bo-Hey No about his latest collection of painfully funny comedy disguises. Directed by Tom Konkle.

Special thanks for production camera and equipment to Thor Melsted, Sandra Payne, and Perry Payne.

A disguise can be anything which conceals or changes a person's physical appearance, including a wig, glasses, makeup, costume or other ways especially for Halloween and Trick or Treating. Camouflage is one type of disguise for people, animals and objects. Hats, glasses, change in hair style or wigs, plastic surgery, and make-up are also used.

Disguises are used by criminals such as bank robbers and by spies seeking to avoid identification. A well-known person or celebrity may choose to go "incognito" in order to avoid unwelcome press attention. In comic books and films disguises are used by superheroes and in science fiction by aliens. Dressing up in costumes is a Halloween tradition.

Pain is "an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage."