Sourdough starter exploded on counter

Published August 6, 2020 92 Views

Rumble During the covid-19 lock down period, a lot of people started to make sourdough starter to bake bread, so Margo jumped on the bandwagon and tried it but Margo likes to refer to it as “Monster Dough” starter. Something that grows too fast, something that you can’t control and multiplies in volume in under 30 minutes. The first time she tried it, she went from one jar to three jars in under 15 minutes, as it doubled, then tripled and eventually flew out of the jar and almost hit the ceiling. It was AWESOME. This sourdough starter was a different recipe one that she found on YouTube from a lady she follows, it was one that only consisted of water and flour. After mixing it all up and letting it sit on the counter for 2 days, it smelt SO SO bad, that she actually had to pay a family member ten dollars just to throw it out, as it smelt like rotten, spoiled milk. After trying the two recipes, Margo keeps going back to the first one, even though it grows so fast, and tries to make a run for it from the jar, it doesn’t smell and but most of all it works the best. After getting all the ingredients needed, she made some loaves of bread and the good part is the bread tastes AMAZING!!