Loon and heron enjoy the serenity of remote Canadian cottage lake

Published July 29, 2020 1,853 Views $0.06 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeCanadians are famous for many things and their love of cottage country is among them. They take great pleasure in retreating to a secluded cabin in the woods or on one the thousands of lakes in the areas slightly north of the busier cities. Part of the appeal is the abundance of wildlife and the serenity that allows those who are quiet and patient to relax and enjoy nature in a truly magical world.

This cottage dweller had been sipping coffee on the family dock, enjoying the seclusion and near silence. The only sounds were the birds calling from the trees. This lake is very isolated and only a few boats pass by the remote island all day long. To sit silently in this world provides an opportunity to view nature in all its splendor.

A large loon had drifted silently and had slowed right in front of the dock. It casually looked around, and occasionally dipped its face in the water to look below for fish. Loons are a perfect symbol of cottage life and the beauty of the lonely call of the loon is something that all cottagers are familiar with. Their cries and their laughs can be heard for miles and the long, haunting notes echo along the shore and over the water. It is a sound that brings mixed emotions to those who hear it.

Behind this loon, in the shallows, is a large Great Blue Heron. It is one of the largest birds in North America, only slightly behind the Bald Eagle and a few cranes and herons in terms of wingspan. These birds silently stalk frogs and fish, waiting for the opportunity to strike with a ferocious and lightning quick jab of its powerful beak. The heron will stand still for long periods of time before erupting in a blinding streak to spear food.

As the scene unfolds, a second heron, part of a mating pair, flies along the shore near its mate, landing in a new spot to look for frogs.

Scenes like this are breath taking to see. It is a lucky thing when the viewer also happens to have a camera at the ready to capture the footage.