2 years ago

Underwater footage gives us a look at the mysterious bottom of a Canadian cottage lake

Most Canadians have experienced the joys of a visit to a cottage. Usually situated on a lake in a more remote area, they are the perfect scene for a relaxing getaway. Canadian summers are hot and sunny and a refreshing dip in the cooling water of a Canadian lake is a beautiful experience. But most of us never see what's at the bottom of these lakes.

This scuba diver took his camera under the surface and swam through the shallows and also the deeper sections of a remote Ontario Lake in Parry Sound. He cruised around at a depth of 20 feet. What he found there was a surprising amount of life that thrives under our dangling feet as we splash around on the surface. Curious bass followed the diver and also swam in front of him, seemingly eager to escort him into their underwater domain.

The sunlight plays tricks with the eyes, giving everything a ghostly green glow. Weeds of various types, and algae blooms thrive here as well. Rocks that are covered in algae protrude from the bottom, adding texture to a flat landscape.

We often swim along the surface, wondering what we might find beneath us. The adventurous will hold their breath and try to descend to the bottom, but it's difficult to see clearly through 20 feet of green water. It's a mysterious, yet beautiful world and it's just barely out of reach for most of us. Many have wondered what things would look like if we could momentarily drain the water from our favourite lake, just to have a glimpse of the bottom.

Taking a dive to check it out is well worth the time, but if that's not something that's possible, a virtual tour such as this one is the next best thing!

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