Funny dog floats down creek

Published July 12, 2020 173 Views

Rumble Cora is a water dog. She loves to swim and just be in or around water. Cora loves baths, but not a cold bath, a hot bath with bubbles because she is a fancy dog! We were out on our first hike of the year, which was during a heatwave, and with it being so hot we decided to let her go for a swim in the pond, as she would be dry by the time we got back to the car. Cora jumped 2 meters from the water right in and started to blow bubbles. She then started to get taken away with the current, but she didn't care as she was having fun and getting cooled down. But the owner wanted to keep walking and told Cora she had to get out of the water and keep going on their walk. Though Cora was mad, she listened as she knew that she wouldn't be allowed to go back if she didn't obey. She slowly swam back to her owner even though she would have stayed in the water and played much longer. After she had returned to her owner, she shook herself off on her owner so she would be cooled down too and they carried on on their walk through the woods to find a raccoon walking on water.