Cat stalks chicken coop, tries to make new friends

Published July 12, 2020 3,697 Views $9.28 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensRoxy is a very curious cat and is always trying to figure out what is going on over there. She saw that there was a different smell coming from the coop so she went to investigate the strange scent, and discovered there were three living and moving things. Roxy crept closer to them, not knowing if she needed to attack them, protect us, or just leave them be. She decided to watch them and see what they would do. As she intensely watched them, she let down her guard a bit and then proceeded to studied theses strange animal’s behaviour. Roxy sat and watched the chickens patiently as they strutted around the pen. With no other action going on between the chickens and her, it turned out that they were both curious with each other.