Chicken rides down the road on bike with owner

Published June 15, 2020 105 Views

Rumble The chickens love their owner, they don't care what you do to them even if you train them to ride on your bike. The owners' chickens recognize her by voice and what she looks like, chickens can remember up to 100 faces. Nugget loves her owner more than the other two chickens more so because she is the smaller one, and she isn't as big as the other ones. So the owner thought why not train her to be more of a pet. Start on the grass and on the property where she is familiar with and then move on to a side road with no cars. Lots of people started to stare at the chicken when driving by and laughed. The owner didn't care, she was having a great time and was laughing with them as this isn't normal. Nugget will just stay there and enjoy the attention and of course, the lettuce treats hand-fed to her as a reward. After those two things, the owner will hold her and pet her head to put her to sleep for a few minutes before going back in with her friends. The other two they just are too jumpy and don't want to be picked up, as that is normal chicken behaviour so the owner just leaves them alone.