Couple release baby sea turtles, swim with adults turtles in the wild

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Rumble / World TravelIf turtles are one of your favourite animals to see in the wild, this video will excite you beyond words. From experiencing tiny little baby golfing turtles making their way to the beach surface from their nest, to swimming inches from a full grown Hawksbill turtle while scuba diving as the videographer did, you will see it here all in 4k. Mexico has some amazing cities and areas. Along the Pacific Coast are two towns that mainly have become known as one, Ixtapa Zihuantanejo. Situated in the state of Guerrero, Ixtapa Zihuantanejo are two separate towns approximately 150 miles north of Acapulco. Having beautiful beaches, Zihuantanejo is sheltered within a very protected bay which is very popular with many private boat owner during the months. Ixtapa Zihuantanejo is the fourth largest city in the state of Guerrero and is very popular with tourists from within Mexico as well as the United States and Canada. Recently, December 2019, Brent and his wife enjoyed two weeks vacation in Zihua, as it is known to the locals. Relaxing for most of their vacation, Brent and Elsa wanted to enjoy something different. While doing some research, they learned of a private turtle release project that was not a far distance from Zihua.

The turtle camp is at Petatillo beach in the municipality of Union in the Guerrero state. The person in charge of the camp is Mr. Felix and his wife Doña Chucha. Mr. Felix and his wife have lived at the location of the turtle camp for over 16 years, and have never had any financial support from the Mexican government. It has only been in the last 2 years, that tours have begun coming to visit Mr. Felix and Doña to see the amazing work they are doing to grow the numbers of the Golfina turtles in this area. Julio López was the tour guide for the day and he showed an incredible amount of passion for what Mr. Felix has been doing for the past 16 years. Julio is also very knowledgable of the whole Guerrero state as well as other surrounding states and cities. His knowledge of the turtle populations and how the efforts of Mr. Felix has drastically helped increase the numbers of the Golfina, as well as 3 other species of turtles native to the area.The miracle of these little turtles hatching takes 45 days. At that time, each tourist visiting, or couple, is allowed to assist these little creatures from within their sand covered beds. The large turtles seen in the video are the Hawksbill and the Green sea turtle. The Hawksbill is the one that swims down and follows the two divers seen, which are Brent and his wife. The Hawksbill can be distinguished by the shape of its mouth, similar to the shape of a hawks beak. The Large turtle munching on the sea grass is the green sea turtle. In many locations along the coast of Riviera Maya, Mexico the grasses grow and create perfect habitats for the beautiful animals.

Adult hawksbill sea turtles typically grow to 1 m (3 ft) in length, weighing around 80 kg (180 lb) on average. The heaviest hawksbill ever captured weighed 127 kg (280 lbs). Their shell has an amber background patterned with an irregular combination of light and dark streaks, with predominantly black and mottled-brown colors radiating to the sides. The green sea turtles as well grow quite large and can live up to 80 years. Adult green turtles grow on average to 1.5 metres (5 ft) long. The average weight of mature individuals is 68–190 kg (150–419 lb) and the average carapace (shell) length is 78–112 cm (31–44 in). Both are very beautiful and graceful to see swimming in their natural environment, but experiencing the release of the baby turtles was very moving Brent and his wife mentioned. Amazing nature!