Dog jumps in slow motion

Published June 3, 2020 215 Views

Rumble As storms are coming and going through the weeks we always try to find the sun or warm weather to be outside. We got 20 minutes before it started to pour, Cora is filled with energy and when she sees the rain the owner can tell that she is upset and will go and lie down by herself in a corner. Cora loves to help, always around you, so she really wanted to help set up. She brought a bag over to set up the polls, and with that, they set it up. As Cora is getting better with the Bar Jump, she needs to work more on the tunnel. Trying new commands like “wait” and “stay”, are essential to working with the tunnel. Cora also likes to lay in it as it is a form of shade, but got very upset when it was time to pack up because of the rain.
Cora is getting so good with jumping that she seems weightless as she flies over the bar with still another foot to go. Jumping was her calling, something she was meant to do. The owner always wanted to put her cat in a cat show but never got the opportunity to as he ran away, so maybe the owner could put Cora in a competition or two. If she did have the opportunity to compete in a competition, the A-Frame, Dog Walk, Jumps, Tunnels, Weave Poles, etc, would be great training. Agility training allows your dog to get more exercise, and since dogs in competition are usually expected to run through an agility course as quickly as possible, the activity is a great form of exercise. It provides mental stimulation, and will help prevent boredom because it makes your dog think about what they have to do and that helps make a healthier dog. If you want an obedient dog this is a great way to teach them because they have to follow your commands. But most of all it lets your dog show off, and dogs love to be the center of attention, especially Cora. She always makes sure you know she is there so this is great for her. She still needs more practice with her weave poles, but it only takes some time and patients.