Here's How To Put A Hazmat Suit On Your Pet

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesCurrently, many countries in the world are in quarantine, since the spread of the coronavirus is a real problem because it is a highly contagious virus, which is why it is considered a global pandemic. Many people do not know how to care for their dogs in times of a pandemic, so it is always important to research proper dog care, as health is very important to everyone. In this case, a man tries to explain how to put a hazardous materials suit on a dog, but things don't go as planned, since the dog is very energetic and crazy, so the dog jumps on the man and knocks him down. It seems that this dog does not want to put on the hazardous materials suit, he just wants to play and have fun. Maybe the next video will come out better!

When we go out, although it is allowed to take them out on the street, from the Health Alerts and Emergency Coordination Center of the Ministry of Health they recommend that these walks be as short as possible. The most important thing in these cases is to be extremely careful not to have contact with any other person or dog during the time we are on the walk, neither we nor our pet. It is also recommended to carry a bottle of water with detergent to clean urine and, as always, stool bags. When we return from the walk, it is important to clean their legs with a washcloth and, if we can wash them whole. Stimulating him with a bauble to ease his frustration of not being able to spend more time on the street could also be helpful.

Entertainment is a must for dogs. It is always more fun to go out and play, but we can also do things indoors to pass the time. Take advantage now that we have more time to dedicate to them and review some commands, such as sitting or lying down, and even teaching them some new ones. If we have space at home, running to our pets and having them chase us is also an entertaining game and one that will waste energy.

Everyone's dynamics are changing these days and we are adapting to new circumstances. Humans feel uncertain about this new situation, even anguish in some cases due to isolation, and dogs notice it. Because of this, they may feel weird and more restless. So that their behavior is not affected, it is important to do everything possible to keep them entertained and maintain normality.

According to experts, the diet should be the same regardless of the pandemic, but if the dog's activity is reduced we can also reduce the amount of food we give it. Dog food must be tailored to their particular needs, so they benefit the most and help the immune system. On the other hand, since street trips are limited for families, ordering food online is a safer alternative. It is also a good opportunity to take out the Masterchef that we have inside and prepare some homemade recipes for them. Of course, low in fat.

Check out this very unsuccessful attempt at putting a hazmat suit on an energetic dog. Hysterical!

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