Here's What Happens When You Let Your Dog Pick Out A Toy

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you know what happens when you allow dogs to choose their own toys? You can see it right now in this video! All dogs like toys, regardless of the breed or personality of the dog, all dogs have a favorite toy that they will wear all day. Some people often celebrate their dogs' birthdays, as they know that dogs are part of the family and must celebrate special dates with them. As usual, people often give gifts when someone's birthday, for this reason, this family allowed this dog to choose their birthday gift in the store, which is a dog toy.

It is Opal's second birthday, he is blind and deaf, but this does not prevent him from choosing a toy as a birthday gift. Opal chose a scented toy from Playology, and he likes it so much that the dog starts biting it and never lets it go, so the man must push his daughter's car and drag Opal, as he doesn't want to stop biting the toy. You must pay for the toy to play with it!

A dog needs to exercise to maintain good physical and mental health, this will keep it agile, without stress and taking better naps. Today we are going to list what are the toys with which your furry can be distracted according to his tastes. Toys are not a whim, they are the tool we have so that our animals are not sedentary. Also, they will help us in the interaction with our best friend.

Plush Toys There are animals that love stuffed animals above other toys. These objects can be the perfect playmate of your little animal (except you, of course) since they are easy to bite, the touch is pleasant, they are not difficult to transport and they are comfortable to take a nap. Fit for loving furry.

The ball is possibly the most popular toy for our animal to exercise. It is a good instrument because, in addition, it requires interaction with the human, which will increase the bond between the two. There are balls of all sizes (adapted to any jaw); with skewers or flats; soft or hard (choose it depending on the strength of your animal); of rope; of plastic; stuffed with a launcher, with holes for you to put sweets.

Technology is landing on the legs of our animals. In the field of entertainment, devices are being developed that help us to play with our dog even if we are not around to motivate him. For example, the iFetch is an automatic ball launcher, you must train your animal to leave the ball in the corresponding hole and the device will launch the ball at a speed and distance that you can program.

Biting toys are ideal for the kids in the house. Puppies who are teething are accusing gum pains, these toys will alleviate discomfort and prevent them from nibbling on your furniture, shoes or people who are playing with it. The ropes fall into this category, ropes specially designed for this purpose with a soft but resistant fabric that does not harm the animal's mouth; resistant to bite, and non-toxic material.

It’s Opal’s (Blind and deaf) second birthday. Of course she gets to pick her own toys. She found this awesome scented rope toy by Playology. But she wouldn’t let my husband pay for it, she was in love and didn’t want to stop playing. So he just dragged her to check out while also pushing our daughter in her stroller. We have a crazy wild family but we have a good time.

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