Dancing Australian Shepherd Shows Off Some Pretty Slick Moves

Published March 17, 2020 6,443 Views $12.71 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think that only people have the ability to dance? Then you are wrong, as some dogs also have the ability to dance quite well, and are even capable of doing a full choreography with their owners or trainers. Dogs like music, so it is only necessary to find a genre that they like so that in this way they can relax or start dancing, it will all depend on the type of music and the mood of the dog at that time. This beautiful dog is called Kai and he is an Australian mini shepherd with a lot of love for music and dancing, that's why Kai takes the time to dance in front of the camera and show everyone that he is a good dancer. Kai could be a dance champion if he keeps practicing!

Music can make our dog relax, not overly surprised when he is alone at home and until he sleeps. It can calm your anxiety and boost your mood. But the truth is that, by itself, it is rare for a dog to dance when listening to music. The music most loved by dogs is classical music, which has the ability, also in humans, to awaken the five senses and move emotions. This can be used before carrying out any activity with the animal that may subject it to stress, such as, for example, going to the vet or staying home alone.

Dogs are proven to be good dancers, but you need to practice. Dogs' sense of rhythm can be awakened by training, a sample of which is in horse shows. There are many dogs that help their artistic owners in their dancing shows. Besides Kai, there are plenty of other dogs that can dance and even help their owners make a living from it. What is clear is that training is required for this. Practice makes a master!

If you want to train your dog, choose edible gifts that your dog loves. Decide which trinkets you are going to choose to motivate your animal, but with care that these are easy to chew and can be swallowed quickly. If they are not in this way, the dog will most likely lie down on the floor to eat and ignore the music, and therefore you. In addition, you must choose a quiet place in which to teach your dog the steps you want. It should be a large place, not enough to run, and with as few distractions as possible. Choose a flat and closed place, without many pots or chairs; it would be ideal.

We cannot guarantee or promise that your dog will dance at the first change with these instructions, but if you are persistent, patient and loving, you will get your dog to start dancing after several trainings.

Kai is a very happy, spunky Mini Australian Shepherd who loves to dance!

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