Puppy Steals Toddler's Car, Goes For Joy Ride

Published March 12, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you know what happens when a playful puppy and an adorable child share the same toys? You can see the result in this fun video! It is proven that dogs do not always like to play with the same toys, dogs like to play with different things so as not to get bored easily, for this reason, dogs often steal children's toys from the house, but everything is for fun purposes. In this case, a playful puppy steals a child's toy car, so the puppy gets into the toy car and tries to take a ride. The puppy moves using its hind legs while the front ones are in the car so it can drive properly. This puppy is the best car driver you will see today!

Like children, dogs like new toys more. This seems to be demonstrated by scientific studies that, in addition, indicate that, as well as the little ones, our dear furry ones soon get bored of them. Everything seems to be summarized in a trend called neophilia, which, according to the dictionary, means "attraction to the new or exotic." Following this reasoning, it is not a pilgrimage to point out that this type of behavior is one of the many ways that helped the furry to adapt to people. There is nothing more fun than a new toy to play!

So, since it is not a matter of spending money on things that will soon cease to interest your pet, or that you invest time, dedication and affection to make your toys, which will soon be left aside, there are certain tricks to get the old objects look new and your furry interest in them again. Sometimes it is only necessary for the dogs and children to play together!

If you want your dog to be very happy, do not leave all the toys within reach. Give him just a few and go changing them throughout the days, so that he can renew his enthusiasm for old objects. It is also recommended that you take any old toy and invite your four-legged friend to play together. You will see how, for sure, it renews its interest in the object.

Also, it is important that you do not buy or make your toys indiscriminately. Try to find out what kind of elements are more attractive to them, to keep them interested longer. Like people, dogs have different preferences. Once you find out, the type of toys you choose for him will surely catch his attention longer. And, in all cases, remember that the materials of the toy in question must not be toxic to your pet.

Fun is important to dogs, so make sure they are always happy and have access to toys to play with, especially if you leave them alone at home. But above all, beyond the chosen toy, what your dog wants most is for you to play with it. He will never be bored with you. Never forget!

Puppy drives a toddler's car in this hilarious video. Cuteness overload!