It Should Be Acceptable To Eat Cookies At Any Time Of Day

Published March 16, 2020

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt is very likely that everyone likes cookies since the variety of cookies that can be found today is really impressive since there are cookies for all kinds of people and all tastes. All children like cookies and sweets, but the good news is that there are very healthy cookies that help children grow healthier as they have many vitamins useful for children's health. This girl seems to be really obsessed with cookies, as she starts crying to get her parents' attention and demand that they give her cookies, obviously for this girl it is always a good time to eat cookies. It seems to be really acceptable to everyone that it is always a good time to eat cookies. Everyone probably wants to eat cookies now!

At parties such as Halloween and Christmas, children's consumption of sweets increases. There are so many sweets that star in these parties, you wonder how harmful the sweets can be for your children. There are parents who do not allow their children to even eat a sweet because they think they have nothing good, and there are others who allow one a day or one a week, and still others who are very permissive with the intake of sugars because they say that energizes your children. But how bad is the candy for children?

The glucose that sweets have is the fuel for the neurons of the brain and provides energy, however, this intake must be moderate because it can cause serious imbalances in the body and childhood obesity. According to the nutritional recommendations of the expert nutritionists, children should not consume more than 25 to 30 grams of sugar. A common treat offers 15 grams while a carbonated drink or soft drink already has the maximum recommended dose. You cannot forget that other foods also have sugar. For example, flour, ice cream, chewing gum, this is why it is more difficult to control this consumption. Sweets can cause more problems of overweight than fried ones because they generate bigger reservoirs of fat in the body.

Sugar is good but with precautions, sugar in the mouth turns into acid that lasts about half an hour damaging the teeth after consumption. A recent study from the University of Murcia reveals that children who consume sweets daily increase their risk of needing dental treatments by 55 percent. That is to say that the frequency in the intake of refined sugars generates dental problems in children, mostly cavities.

Finally, do not mix two or more foods with sugar in the same meal, for example, do not mix sugary cereal with juice, juice or nectar at breakfast. You should also not mix a cake and soda in the snack. After the meal in which you had a carbonated drink, don't offer ice cream for dessert. Those are just some tricks that you can implement so that your children have a healthier diet. It always seems like a good time to eat a delicious cookie!

Can't say that we disagree with this cutie. Too funny!


  • deafdiva1, 2 weeks ago

    Yes it should be ok to eat cookies anytime!

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    petit chou qui aime trop^manger des coockis

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