Baby Monitor Captures Horrifying Earthquake Footage In Utah

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Rumble / Natural PhenomenaHave you ever filmed the exact moment when a strong earthquake begins? See how this baby monitor captures images of the Utah earthquake! Everyone is likely to be scared of earthquakes as earthquakes are unpredictable, meaning they can happen when you least expect it, so it is important to educate all family members and be prepared for anything. Many areas of the United States and Mexico are seismic zones, so they constantly experience earthquakes, but there are other places where everything happens without warning and people are unprepared. This curious video shows the images captured by a baby monitor during the recent earthquake in Utah, which caused some serious problems. Everyone should know what to do if there is an earthquake!

It is important to have a family plan at home in which everyone participates. Indicate the safest places inside the house and trace evacuation routes and show them to the little ones during the drill that we do. If our children are of school age, we should talk to them about what to do if they are at school and reaffirm that even if we are not with them, they must remain calm. We should also always have an emergency backpack ready in which we have the necessary things for an evacuation: bottled water, clothes, canned food, flashlight, battery radio, batteries, candles, matches, a change of clothes, a blanket and a first aid kit are the basics.

When the earthquake strikes, the main and most important thing is to stay calm. Don't panic, try not to be too scared of them, no matter how much you are. Children trust us as adults and if they see us very upset, they will be even more scared. Remember the three key directions: I don't run, I don't scream, I don't push. If we are not close to a quick exit, the recommendation is to place ourselves in the safest place that we have pointed out during the evacuation drills, away from windows and furniture or objects that may fall. Under no circumstances use the elevator. During the earthquake we must protect our children with our bodies, placing ourselves above them and covering their heads.

Once the earthquake is over, we must continue to act calmly. If we are at home it is important to review the possible damages, to make sure that the property is safe. If we have doubts or see that there is a lot of damage, it is best not to return to it, especially due to possible aftershocks that could occur in the following hours. Find a safe place if you can't go home and stay together for no reason to separate yourself from the children. Use the phones only for emergencies and check that everyone is safe and well.

If the earthquake was felt with great intensity, surely the children will be scared, so we must continue to stay calm. In addition to accompanying them, there are a series of steps that we can follow to reassure them.

West Jordan in Utah got it pretty bad. Check out this very scary earthquake footage!

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