Cutest Swimming Pup Keeps Trying To Tread Water

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSwimming is one of the physical activities that help people stay healthy, and the same formula applies to dogs, as the movements dogs make in water allow them to strengthen their entire bodies and improve their cardiovascular health. People often take their dogs to the beach and that's great as long as people take care of the dogs' needs. Rigby is a rescued dog that grew out of a mix of Beagle and Chihuahua, two very energetic breeds of dogs that are also very obedient and intelligent. Rigby loves to swim, even when his owners hold him, he keeps moving his legs because he likes how the water runs around his body while swimming, it seems that Rigby knows the benefits of swimming. Rigby is a dog that loves to swim!

These days, when we are not yet on the heat and it is already "hot for dogs", it is irreparable to dream of a river, a beach or a pool where we can take a good dip and swim, like fish in the water, with our loved ones stuffed animals. And what better plan with this ardent time, than to share long walks and refreshing baths with your dog?

Stop sweating, because we offer you a long list of benefits that swimming can provide you, from sports, to therapeutic, through leisure or entertainment. Broadly speaking, we advance you that, with swimming, your dog will perform exercises without impact, will strengthen its muscles, develop its flexibility and improve its resistance.

Does your dog have a few extra pounds? Well, nothing better than adding a few dives to your diet and your daily walks; You will see how, little by little, with swimming you will burn accumulated fat and gain agility. just like with people, regular swimming exercise will help your dog strengthen the muscles and bones of his body. The exercises in the water suppose, in certain cases, a rehabilitation indicated for dogs with dysplasia or ailments in the joints.

A dog that knows how to swim is an animal that will develop, in a self-sufficient way, in the water and will be able to face any incident in this environment; You will see him enjoy it, with the peace of mind that you have a dog that, although it is not a Michael Phelps, will stay afloat and splash around at ease. Together, on the beach, river, lake or pool, you will live fun and unforgettable moments. To do so, remember to follow the security measures indicated in each place. And do not forget to take a ball to throw into the water and make your dog go for it, stimulating it in swimming.

It has always been said that swimming is the most complete sport that exists for its multiple benefits, among which is the improvement of coordination. In puppies, exercising in the water helps them develop their movements, initially hesitant. Thanks to aquatic training, muscles, bones, and joints mature and harmonize in the course of their growth.

Rigby is a chihuahua beagle mix rescue. He loves to swim. Even when you hold him he keeps paddling away!

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