This Puppy Does't Want To Sleep, She Wants Someone To Play With Her

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you like Golden Retriever dogs? Check out this house full of Goldens Retrievers! The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world, as many people consider them the best dog to keep as a pet, and they may be right as the Golden Retrievers are very energetic dogs that are always ready to play, especially if they are puppies. This puppy does not want to lie down to sleep, he just wants someone to play with him to continue enjoying his day to the fullest. The puppy approaches all the adult Golden Retrievers in the house to annoy them and see who gets up to play with him, but it looks like he should give up, as apparently none of the 12 adult Golden Retrievers in the house wants to play with him. Someone must play with this adorable puppy!

It is very important to know how to welcome a new puppy in the home if we already live with an adult dog, otherwise, many problems can be triggered, such as aggressive behaviors or jealous behaviors. It may be that the adult dog is indifferent to the new puppy, but it can also be that he tries to mount him and even growls at him, in this case, as long as aggression is not going to occur, you should not worry since it is a priority that you interfere As little as possible in the relationship between your two dogs, they have their rules, their hierarchy and they know how to establish these new relationships.

Prepare the house for coexistence. Before the presentation takes place inside the home, it is essential to prepare a specific area for the new puppy, with its own accessories, since it is important that you do not alter the habits that the adult dog had acquired. If in addition to introducing a new dog in the home, you allow it to use the accessories of the adult dog and take over its space, it is obvious that living together will not start on the right foot.

If everything went well during the presentation on the neutral ground you must return home, the first dog that must enter is the adult and must do so without a leash, then the puppy will enter on a leash, although once inside it must be loose and with Total freedom to explore the entire home, room by room. If the adult dog is comfortable, the puppy will be able to walk freely around the house, but if he does not accept it, the space of the puppy should be limited and then gradually expanded as the adult dog gets used to it.

If you want there to never be problems, let the puppy greet the dog on its own initiative, do not grab it yourself to plant it in the other dog's snout, it will make it feel very vulnerable and can generate tension and fear in the dog. Never force situations, let them interact themselves. further
You must place their feeders properly separated, and if one dog ends before another, do not allow him to intimidate his partner to get his food.

This little 12 week old golden retriever puppy tries her best to get one of the 12 adult goldens in her house to please get up and play with her.

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