This Rescue Hound Is The Ultimate Drama King

Published March 11, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you know what happens when a dramatic dog doesn't get what he wants? The answer is very funny and obvious! Dogs are probably the kings of drama, as dogs constantly do anything to get their owners' attention, it seems that dogs cannot rest easy if they are not the center of attention in the house. The drama cannot be missing in dogs that love to attract attention, that's why this hunting dog named Khal Drogo throws a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants. When things don't go the way Khal Drogo expected, he immediately starts doing a spectacular drama for their owners to pay attention to, it seems like Khal Drogo can't be calm if things don't go his way, so he seeks help to solve his problems. Despite being six years old, Khal Drogo always acts like a dramatic puppy!

The subject of dog personality has been the subject of different studies by scientists and veterinarians around the world. Currently, it is already possible to choose the dog's personality according to different variables. In this way, it will be most appropriate for our lifestyle and your needs. The most accepted proposal until today is that 50% of the temperament is innate, that is, it already comes with it at birth. They would be the genetic characteristics inherited from the race and the lineage. The other 50% would be built from the life experiences of each dog. Here, factors such as environment, owners, culture, food, care, and other peculiarities will influence.

That is why it is said that it is so important to choose a breed of dog according to what is expected of him and what can be offered. In this way, a person residing in a big city with limited space should prefer a dog that can adapt to these circumstances. Smaller breeds with a calmer temperament and little risk of obesity. Pincher, Chihuahua, Poodle, Daschund or Yorkshire are indicated.

It is different if there is a little more space and the owner prefers the outdoors, sports and nature. You can choose more active dogs, but with a balanced temperament. Golden Retrievers, Papillon, Labrador or Cocker Spaniel are good options for those who have space available. In case you are someone with a lot of available lands, many races can be integrated well. Even typically more rural breeds such as the Border Collie, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the German Sheepdog, the Australian Cattle Rancher, the Rottweiller and many others.

It is important that you know that the genetic tendency is not enough to guarantee the adequacy of a dog to its owner and the environment. If so, there would be no aggressive Poodles or cowering Pit Bulls. The most fundamental part of raising a dog is education. To shape your dog's personality and control his responses to external stimuli, it is recommended to socialize him. The socialization process teaches your pet to interact peacefully with other animals and people.
It is also important for the owner to demonstrate to the dog the attitudes considered good and bad. In this way, limits are established. And the animal understands the kind of acceptable behavior in each environment. Dogs bring joy to homes!

Khal Drogo the 6-year-old rescued hound loves to talk and complain when he doesn't get his way. Too funny!


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