English Bulldog Puppy Attacks Her Bed Every Single Night

Published March 8, 2020 7,335 Views $130.37 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen a suspicious activity in your dog's behavior at night? Watch what this puppy does while its owners sleep! Not all dogs are the same, each one has a different personality, that's why some dogs usually sleep during the day and others usually sleep at night. Puppies often have a lot of energy and need to do something to have fun and use that energy to grow healthily, that's why this little English Bulldog takes advantage of the night to fight with his bed and spend that abundant energy he has. This adorable English Bulldog does this every night, the puppy expects its owners to fall asleep and begins to move and fight with his bed. It seems that fighting with your bed helps you sleep better!

Dogs sometimes go through the need to have to bite and we don't know how to react properly, and that's where the problems begin. These types of behaviors are learned especially during the dog's childhood, although they could also be an expression of discomfort in the animal. The dog needs some emotional balance to be well and we must give this to him. Our responsibility is to be attentive and give you what you need at all times.

You can get a lot of attention when your dog starts to destroy his bed. It represents that it is a thing that he likes and gives him well-being and comfort. It is very confusing for those who do not yet understand the way of being of dogs. It is normal to react in some ways, but you have to control yourself.

First of all, when you see that your dog has been biting and tearing apart his bed or cushions remember that you should never punish or scold him. Even if I understood it, which is unlikely, it would not be effective and cause your dog discomfort. The essential thing is to discover what are the possible reasons behind your dog biting his bed.

There are dogs that learn to express or vent their frustration through behaviors such as biting pads. This is very frequent in very sensitive dogs. When someone treats him abruptly or says "no" to something, he turns to bite his bed to burn that feeling and feel calm again. Many dogs bite things that relax them, and it is not surprising that they catch this hobby.

In the animal world boredom is dangerous. As we can see in any zoo, an animal without enough stimulation tends to suffer from boredom and this leads to repetitive or stimulating behavior, which can lead to dangerous things such as biting the first object they find. It can be a piece of furniture, a shoe or your bed.

Let the dog use the bed only when you can control it. If you start biting the bed, you can remove it and give it a toy instead, without raising your voice. In this way, the dog will understand that the toy is the object that can bite and, little by little and with constancy, will internalize it and stop biting its bed. This fight is very exciting!

Apparently this is an every night occurrence. Too funny!