Watch This Cat Try To Play With A Bulldog Through A Crack In The Door

Published March 5, 2020

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAre you one of the people who think that dogs and cats can get along and even play together? Then this video is for you! In general, both dogs and cats are affectionate animals that are always willing to play, all with the aim of having fun as long as possible. It is proven that each dog and each cat have a different personality, in this sense, not all pets are the same, so some need different education or care. In this case, an adorable cat is bored and that's why he tries to play with a Bulldog but they are separated by a door. The cat uses his paw and puts it through the crack of a door to try to touch his friend Bulldog, which evidently shows that dogs and cats can get along. A door cannot separate the friendship that this dog and this cat have!

Do dogs and cats really hate each other? The real answer is no. Cats and dogs do not hate each other as we all believe. Dogs and cats are not natural enemies. But is this really what happens between dogs and cats? Then you can find out exactly why it seems that dogs and cats hate each other (although it is not always the case and less if they are raised from small together).

The dog is a predator by nature, so there can usually be fear of cats towards dogs or that dogs want to hunt cats, but it is not something natural between these two species, in particular, it is simply an instinct. Cats flee threats greater than themselves and dogs hunt prey smaller than them.

Dogs and cats can be interpreted as if they were two people from different cultures. They do not speak the same language. For example, dogs move their tails when they are happy or want to greet someone, but if a cat moves its tail it is because it is nervous, aggressive or feels threatened.

Therefore, cats and dogs have quite a different communication and perhaps more than instinct is sometimes a lack of communication between both species. Another example to understand this is when both animals raise their feet. In the case of the dog is that he wants to play and in the case of the cat it is for you to leave him and that is why he shows you his claws in warning, it is a threat.

On the other hand, the two animals have totally different characters. Most dogs want affection, are expressive, social and have a lot of energy. Cats are much more theirs and they like to maintain distances with other beings that have not earned their trust. Therefore, when a dog jumps and invades the territory of a cat, trying to smell him to become his friend, a cat would withdraw quickly and even give him a blow because he feels threatened.

Once reached this point, it is necessary to make it clear that there is no real hatred between dogs and cats, or at least not a 'hate' as people understand this emotion. There are many examples of dogs and cats that are great friends. There are families that have dogs and cats as pets that live in harmony and are gradually being understood to communicate better with each other.

Cutest playtime ever! Priceless!