New Dad's Priceless Reaction To Crying Baby Twins

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Rumble / Babies & KidsMany people say that fathers and mothers are very different when they take care of babies since men and women often have very different qualities. The truth is that, in most cases, the mothers are the ones who take care of the babies, while the parents care about other things, obviously without neglecting the babies' needs. In this case, a new father is very desperate because his twin babies are crying at the same time. The mother of these adorable twins had to leave the room for 10 minutes and everything inside the room became chaos, as both babies cry and the reaction of this man is priceless. This man's worried face is really funny!

Although there are common aspects in the relationship that moms and dads have with their children, such as, for example, discipline, self-esteem, respect and mutual desire to educate and form useful beings for society, each parent brings with them a unique and different information of its kind, information that is fundamental in the development of healthy and mentally balanced children. And it is enough to look at the way a mother communicates with her child: she is sweet, subtle, affectionate and tender, in most cases; the parents, on the other hand, are more direct, simple, concrete and sparse. This does not mean that one wants more than the other, it is simply that each one has a different world reading and expresses it differently. In simpler words, the mother looks at the environment in relation to the child, while the father looks at his son in relation to the environment.

Maternal affection is characterized by a natural urge to love and protect a child. It is an emotional and intuitive relationship and is determined by the bond that was had with the baby from the womb for nine months in which, among other things, the same unit was shared and a unique connection was established.

Paternal affection, on the other hand, is more logical and rational and is associated with a figure of sustainer and example of life. The father emphasizes in making him understand the consequences of his actions, it is he who establishes authority and respect, which makes the duties of the family and social system fulfilled. And although his relationship with the child during his first years of life is more distant, when compared to the maternal bond, it cannot be ignored that he contemplates other essential aspects in the human being. The world of thought, of man-made things, of law and order, of discipline, travel, and adventure.

In conclusion, the contributions of the father and the mother are diverse and that diversity is precisely what makes them essential in the upbringing, training, and education of the children. This is how the parents, regardless of the circumstances, have the responsibility of allowing both the one and the other to participate actively in these processes. This man has to learn to deal with the crying of his twin babies if he wants to be happy!

When mom leaves the room for 10 minutes - dad takes over. Check out his reaction!

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