Siblings Have Priceless Reaction After Learning Mom's Pregnant With Twins

Published November 19, 2019

Rumble / Babies & KidsHave you ever seen the reaction of children knowing that they will have twin brothers? The reaction of these children is priceless! Many parents say that each of their children has totally different personalities, so not everyone reacts in the same way to important news, and in this case, the reaction of these children does not seem to be very good, but it is very fun. This mother decided to tell her two children that she is pregnant with two beautiful twins, so the reaction of the children is quite interesting, at first it seemed that everything was going well, but then everything went out of control and the children were totally surprised with The impressive news. You will love the reaction of these children!

The arrival of a new baby is an immense joy, but also important changes in family structure and routines. The arrival of a new brother means that our daily life is completely altered, new schedules, new routines, new needs for assistance. In addition, older siblings, although excited and happy for that new family member, are the ones who may suffer most from the change in family structure. This is how you can change the child's behavior before the arrival of a brother.

For children, the arrival of a brother implies a new role in the family, a change of structure and roles in the home. If he is an only child, he becomes the eldest, and if he is the youngest, he becomes the "middle child." In addition, parents have to distribute our attention and affection to a new family member, and it is the baby who captures the attention of the surrounding adults. Presumably, these changes can affect the behavior of the older brother or siblings, awakening certain "jealousy" in them that lead or may lead to changes in their behavior and even have regressions, and return to stages that seemed to have passed. All these changes that occur in the child are normal and disappear over time, but parents have to help in some aspects.

It is not uncommon that there are children who, with the arrival of a brother, begin to speak as if they were small, or who claim to perform tasks for which they were autonomous. For example, children who know how to eat alone and suddenly ask us to feed them because they don't know. Or children who slept alone and now claim that we sleep with them or ask us to sleep. These regressions to a past stage are the result of the child's thinking that he believes that if more attention is paid to the baby, behaving like babies will also give them more attention.

All these behaviors are nothing more than attention calls, and we should not be alarmed. The important thing is how we handle this jealousy in older siblings, since, to a large extent, parental behavior depends on attenuated or exacerbated behavior. In the end, all children end up loving their siblings a lot, but sometimes it takes a little longer than expected, so it is important that parents be patient and wait for the right time. What good news for this family!