Sassy 3-Legged-Rottweiler Puppy Conquers The Stairs

Published February 15, 2020 12,891 Views $5.21 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think a disability is a reason to abandon everything and stop enjoying life? You are totally wrong! Like people, dogs also have a lot of willpower, that is, they can have maximum fun and move forward regardless of their physical disabilities. Some experts say that dogs do anything to make their owners happy since for dogs there is nothing more important than friendship with their owners. In this case, a small three-legged rottweiler puppy conquers the stairs to get on the bed and play with its owner. This adorable Rottweiler puppy is called Eileen and is learning to climb the stairs, since he knows he should not give up and must live and enjoy life, regardless of having only 3 legs. The willpower of this puppy is really amazing!

A pet with a disability involves much more responsibility than adopting other types of pets. This is because in addition to requiring daily day-to-day care, such as taking him out for a walk, cleaning his sandbox, feeding him, bathing him, playing with him and also requiring special care due to his limitation.

However, all those who have done the solidarity and generous act of adopting a disabled pet ensure that they do not regret it at all. Why? According to many who have been asked, it is because these animals that have a limitation are much more loving, tender and grateful than those that do not.

The procedures to adopt a pet with some type of disability are somewhat different than when bringing home a completely healthy one. The first step to follow is an adopter and veterinarian meeting. The professional may explain in detail to the adopter what the disability of the animal is, why it was caused and what kind of care, medicines and other matters it may need.

Any animal when it first comes home needs it. Think about how you feel when you appear in an unknown place for the first time. However, a pet with a disability may need a little more time to adapt. Walk around the house, smell, see every corner and all this also depending on the type of disability you have.

It depends on the anomaly of your new friend you should consider how to make life easier. If, for example, you have a limp and it is difficult for you to go up or downstairs, try to put your toys, bed and feeders in a flat place without ascents or descents. If you are blind, put all your little things in a space where there is not much furniture in between. We are sure that your empathy will help you see how to help your friend.

Love, love, and love. This is the key to making any animal happy, whether or not it has a disability. Although in the case of a disabled pet this is even more true. It is possible that your animal's disability has been caused by abuse, so love will be the best medicine for your afflicted soul. With a little effort, affection and sincere love you can enjoy your pet to the fullest and make it a very happy animal.

Eileen is learning how to climb the stairs and lives by the quote, “I won’t quit, but I will cuss the entire time.” Too cute!

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