Splish-Splash, This Doggy's Taking A Bath

Published March 1, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen a dog's reaction when taking a relaxing bubble bath? You have to see it right now! Like people, dogs also like to bathe and relax, especially if summer is near and it is very hot. Many people say that their dogs are smart enough to know when they should bathe and when not since dogs should not bathe as often as people. In this case, this adorable Shiba Inu knows when it's time to take a bubble bath, so he runs to the bathroom and gets into the bathtub so that his owner pleases him and gives him a relaxing bubble bath. The emotion on the face of this adorable dog while taking a bubble bath is probably the only thing he needs to see today. Life is beautiful when there are bubble baths!

In the natural state, animals usually solve the question of cleanliness with a good mud bath, which saves them from parasites. But in cities, where pollution and toxins abound, dog bathing is not only a matter of aesthetics but also of health.

The most advisable thing is that the hairy be sanitized with some regularity. How often to do it will depend on many things, including the characteristics of their fur. Ask the veterinarian about what is best for your pet. In addition, dogs suffering from skin diseases or allergies require more frequent baths and with specific products.

Sometimes, bathing can damage the pH of your skin, but this only happens if you don't use a shampoo suitable for dogs. So do not clean it with any shampoo. Humans and dogs have different pH. Don't even think about it, then, use your shampoo to bathe your hairy. Best consultation, once again, with the veterinarian to advise you on the best option for your pet. Take precautions!

The bath causes them to lose natural fats from their skin. Unless you overdo it in the toilet of your four-legged friend, this issue will not be a problem, especially if you use a specific and good quality shampoo. The bath will remove impurities and other substances that must be removed so that your dog looks enviable and has healthy skin.

If an accident or carelessness does not occur, there is no need to get water in your pet's ears during the bath. Therefore, you should not give otitis. Pay attention and carefully remove the remains of shampoo from your dog's ears. And, if the water is introduced into your ears, consult the veterinarian.

The dogs are very disturbed by the noise of the hairdryer. In addition, if the device pulls a lot of heat, they will also feel upset. Then, unless it is very cold, let, after using the towel, finish drying in a warm and sheltered environment.

Except it is very hot and the sun hits full, do not think of bathing the hairy with cold water with the garden hose. Most likely, he will get sick. Unless high temperatures prevail, bathe it with warm water and in a place removed from cold and air currents.

This Shiba Inu taking a bubble bath is the only video you need to see today. Priceless!


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