Alaskan Malamute Loves Having His Name Called By Sweet Little Girl

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsAre you one of the people who think that the best company for a child is a dog? Watch how this adorable dog reacts when his sweet girl calls him by his name! It is proven that children and dogs get along quite well since most dogs are always willing to play, so children can have fun with their dogs whenever they want. Some children can create a very good friendship with their dogs, just like this sweet girl, who has a very good friendship with her Alaskan Malamute called Dude. Throughout the video, you can see how Dude knows when the girl calls him by his name, and he likes that a lot, obviously Dude enjoys it a lot when his sweet girl calls him since he knows he comes to give her a kiss and a hug. Dude's shouts of happiness are priceless!

Our pet's name is the most important thing when deciding to have a dog at home. The choice is a difficult task since it will depend on whether your partner responds well or not to the orders that will be taught for a common future. The choice of the name of our pet should be taken seriously since it is the one with which we will recognize our dog forever, as it will also be a key word in his teaching. Not only that, but it must follow a series of key characteristics so that the name can be remembered by ourselves and by the animal itself.

Your pet's name represents the first level of basic obedience. So much so that, if he is not taught to respond to the right stimulus or to heed when called, the animal will not be able to learn the following lessons necessary for a good coexistence with its owner. For them, it represents a kind of order, but without a specific meaning that relates to a toy, but rather with an action: to go to the call or pay attention to a possible order. Apart from the above, the name can avoid future dislikes, such as controlling that it does not escape or get too far from your side when you go for a walk. In addition, the link that arises between the pet and the owner is greater, since this is the first step to start learning the other orders, representing your figure as the alpha and that he sees you as his master, whom he wants and respect above others.

The name of the dog is essential for its learning process, its name can be used from time to time to create that reaction that we seek for attention so that it ends up associating it correctly. But learning will depend on the ability of each animal to learn sooner or later. It can take between a week or 15 days, as an average period. The weather should not be an impediment since this is the first of many trainings we will do with our pet throughout their life. A coexistence must be comfortable for both, so you have to think calmly what will be the most appropriate name for our dog.

Dude the Alaskan Malamute loves having his name called by this sweet little girl. She gives him a gentle kiss and hug near the end. You can tell that he is feeling all the love today with all of the howling.

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