Gentle Alaskan Malamute Gives Hug To Little Girl

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis loving Alaskan Malamute shows this little girl how gentle she can be by giving her such a lovely hug. It is so adorable to see the two interact with each other! This is definitely a very real way in which the canine brings out all his love for this girl. At first sight, we can see that this dog loves her. How adorable! How does your dog show you his love?

Few animals are as sociable as dogs, which shows us in many ways that they are indeed man's best friend.

A dog is always in constant communication with his human family and the truth is that they generally make themselves understood quite well, so much so that we often consider that they only need to talk.

However, even if they do not speak our language, it has been the goal of many experts to decipher the canine language through their behavior and the way they do what they want or feel to us.

When we say that dogs are social, we mean that they, in order to feel good, need to move within the circle that they consider as their family or herd, whether it be other dogs, cats or humans.

When it comes to sleep, they look for a place that comforts them on a social level and provides them with security, therefore, if your dog tries to sleep near you, consider that you are the most important support within his family.

Do you know the canine language and the signs of calm? Unable to speak, the dogs express their feelings and emotions through their body, so if you see your dog move its tail vigorously when you get home, let it tummy tummy up or seek to play with you ... You're lucky! He is showing you his love.

The lick of the dog is caused by different causes, however, among them we must emphasize that this can be a gesture of love and love. If your dog licks you, he is looking for contact with you and using his lick to get your pampering.

Surely on more than one occasion you have observed how your dog sniffs your crotch and as strange as it may seem to you this is a friendly gesture, it would be, in canine communication, the equivalent of a handshake.

Those dogs that move the tail to the right, pant, jump and run when the owner comes home again are showing happiness by having contact with his human family again, which should be interpreted as a gesture of affection.

However, it can also be a gesture of affection to be calm and patient, waiting to receive your dose of caresses and massages to enter a deep and pleasant nap.

Did you know that dogs have the ability to perceive human pain? When you are not well, whether it is a physical or emotional condition, your dog will remain by your side, and may even lean on you to show you his love. This is another instinctive gesture since being social animals the sense of care is a priority for the survival of the circle, herd or family.

Dogs do not like to be alone, but you should know that if your dog wants to follow you wherever you go it does not do so to avoid loneliness, but because it feels good when you are present and does not want to deprive yourself of it.