Puppy Remarkably Calm For Blow Drier After First Bath

Published July 16, 2019 10,395 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf anything the Internet has taught us is that dogs love water! They love swimming, they love playing with water, and they love baths. Of course, not all of them, some dogs will run miles away from you just by hearing the word 'water.' However, we are not going to disturb those dogs, and we are going to talk about the dogs who love baths!

If you've got yourself a water-loving dog, you know there's nothing cuter than seeing him or her happily enjoying their baths. For those who love the sight of a good doggy video, this one is the right one for you.

This puppy is remarkably chilled out about that nasty, noisy blow drier after her first bath. Cuteness overload! But, the looks of the video and how chill and calm this dog is, you can realize that its first bath was pretty much good and the doggy had a good time. This dog really enjoys being pampered and taking care of, and honestly, we love when they enjoy it too.

It's not easy for your pup to sit back and relax when she's getting all spruced up. So they often throw a tantrum at you! However, this dog has no problem at all. It will just sit back, relax, and just enjoy being clean and warm, and deep inside, it knows that after this, he will get a treat for being a good boy.

Finally, a dog that understands how awesome is bathing! We know that having baths will be his favorite activity! And why not? He gets to relax in lovely, soothing water while his owner gives him the world's best puppy massage and after that warm blow-drying and maybe a cool hairstyle!

And if your dog hates baths, well we have just the tips for you! If your dog hates a bath, probably you hate them too. You know that is going to be a struggle, fights, the bathroom all wet, and in the end, you have to clean everything.
So before giving them a bath, take them on a long walk, because when they are exhausted, they won't have the energy to struggle and give you tantrums. And try to make it fun. Try to explain in a way your dog will understand that you will spend time together and you will have fun together. It won't be that hard after that. Does your dog loves or hates baths?

Full credit to: Suresh Ramasubramanian on Facebook