Crazy Husky Can't Stop Licking Glass Door

Published February 4, 2020 6,570 Views $3.28 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen the fun things dogs do to get attention? Probably yes, since all dog owners know that dogs really like to get attention. Almost all dogs like to lick things, especially if it is the hands, or faces of their owners, since for some reason dogs like to be in direct contact with their owners, and for this, they use their tongues. In this case, this crazy dog ​​begins to lick the glass to get the attention of its owners, obviously, it is very boring. This is a cute husky dog ​​that can't stand being behind the glass, so he starts licking the glass until his owners allow him to go home. This husky is totally crazy!

If you've ever had a dog as a pet, you should know that dogs really like to lick and bite things, and in most cases, they do it to combat boredom. Unfavorably, boredom in dogs is very dangerous, as they could get to break things or even get in trouble if they run away from home, but in this case, this family is lucky that their dog only licks the windows of the house when he's bored.

Having at least one dog as a pet brings many benefits, as dogs often do things to get their owners' attention and this makes everyone around them have fun. Depending on the breed of the dog, some may be more funny or dramatic than others, in fact, it has been proven that dog breeds often have a lot to do with their personality.

Experts assure that Husky dogs are one of the dogs with the most interesting personalities since they have the ability to perfectly understand the emotions of their owners and almost always know what to do to amuse their owners and make them always feel good. On top of that, people who have husky dogs as pets say they are dogs that are always willing to do whatever it takes to brighten up the environment around them, especially if everyone in the house is bored.

It's important to let dogs do crazy things to combat boredom as long as they don't get in trouble. When dogs learn to have fun on their own, they tend to sleep better at night and not disturb any of the family members, and this is very convenient when there are many children in the house.

Balthazar the husky is helping out with home chores. He better get some treats after all his hard work!


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