Enormous Newfoundland Plays Ball With His Family

Published March 10, 2020 11,314 Views $9.63 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you know what happens when a beautiful dog and adorable girl grow up together and become best friends? Watch this video so you know the answer! Most dogs like to play ball with their owners, as it is a fairly simple but fun game, plus both people and dogs can exercise healthily while they both play ball. When a dog grows with a lot of love, it becomes another member of the family, and that is why the protective instinct of dogs always knows that it must protect its family. In this case, a huge Newfoundland dog named Samson knows how to play ball perfectly with his owners, despite his enormous stature, as he grew up with Little Sierra, who is a girl who is not intimidated by Samson's size. Obviously you know you can trust him. Samson can play with his family and other children without hurting anyone, he is a quite intelligent and careful dog, although he is always mistaken for a bear. Samson is a good boy!

When children grow up with a dog they learn to be responsible, since they understand, from experience, that it is not a decorative object, since the relationship that is woven between them makes them recognize, accompany, respect and love from the moment the animal or child arrives at home, all this is accentuated during each period of each person's life.

In addition, children develop a protective feeling for the animal, which in turn affects the fact that when they reach adulthood, the dog will be willing, without exception, to give his life, if necessary, for his owner, especially if it is a child with whom he has grown up. Even so, it is necessary to keep in mind some recommendations and security measures.

Too small or active breeds are not best suited for children, as they become abrupt and more difficult to control. To this is added the permanent activity of a child, which will stimulate the active character of the pet. Some large breeds, such as Retrievers (Golden and Labrador), Boxer and Bernese, are highly recommended for living with children. Similarly, medium breeds, such as female Springer spaniel, female Schnauzer, and female Cocker spaniel.

It is proven that a pet has a difficult time identifying a child under the age of 5 as a human. This is because before that time, the child still does not have enough motor control and the canine can see it as a threat. In addition, she perceives him clumsy, loud and monopolizing all the attention, so she considers him as another pet with which she must compete. For these reasons, it is ideal to give a pet to a child over the age of five, unless the dog has been in the home since before the child's birth.

One of the main reasons a dog attacks is because they pick him up, even though he makes sounds asking them not to do it or to set him free. When ignored, little by little he learns that by biting and growling he gets what he wants. So the idea is to show affection to the canine with caresses while sitting or lying down.

Samson the Newfoundland is often mistaken for a bear and you can see why in this adorable video of him playing ball with his family. Little Sierra is not intimidated by Samson’s size as the two have grown up together and are the best of friends. Samson amazingly can play with great athleticism yet he doesn’t harm his human playmates in the process. What a good boy he is!