Spanish Mastiff Watches 'Puppy Bowl' With Extreme Enthusiasm

Published February 2, 2020 7,494 Views $5.34 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDid you know that dogs have their own American football championship called "Puppy Bowl"? You have to see how this adorable dog enjoys watching Puppy Bowl on TV! It is proven that dogs can watch and understand television, so today there are television programs dedicated to dogs, such as the American football championship for dogs called "Puppy Bowl". This Spanish mastiff likes to watch sports games on television, so he is very excited when he knows it is time to watch his favorite television show. Obviously, this dog is very excited to see his favorite Puppy Bowl team win the championship. You'll never see a dog as excited as this!

The dog is one of the animal species that continues to play regardless of age. Whether it is a puppy or an old dog, it is clear that not at the same level, but a dog is always willing to play, and a person may think that the game only comes down to having fun, however, it has many other functions, essential for its development. The game is an integral part of his life.

With the game, your dog learns skills. Puppies play to prepare for adult life. With the game they reinforce instinctive behaviors such as hunting (for example, when they go for a ball) or prey (such as when they take the stuffed animal and shake it continuously), they also learn communicative skills.

When the dog is excited while playing, he gains both physical and emotional health. When dogs play they are depleting numerous energy, which greatly reduces anxiety. In addition, through the game, they remain in full physical form, and all this results in a perfect balance in which the dog is happy and healthy.

There is no better gift for a dog than the game. When an owner is educating his dog, the game is usually among the best moments of the day. The owner can control the education of the dog through play, for example, it is more than proven that after a game session the dog is more attentive and focused to learn and that learning is therefore much more effective.

Fun means happiness. When a dog is sad, unhappy or sick, the first behavior to disappear is the game. As you can see, the functions of the game are vital for your dog. Daily, the dog should have several game sessions, in which he could share moments of fun not only with humans but also with other dogs. In this way, playing, you can have fun, learn, communicate, exercise, relax and educate yourself.

It is important that you choose toys and television programs that stimulate the smell and imagination of the dog, which forces him to follow a trail or to catch them. Toys with which you can play tug-of-war, balls that you can go looking for and bite are also highly recommended, and especially bites because, thanks to these, you will avoid biting things that you should not bite. So, you now know: no matter how old the dog is, don't forget to never play with him and let him watch his favorite TV shows.

Osa the Spanish Mastiff simply goes crazy during the Puppy Bowl! Priceless!

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