Does Anybody Else's Dog Bury Their Treats On Their Owner?

Published January 10, 2020 5,198 Views $3.11 earned

This dog decides to bury a treat underneath its owner's hoodie. Hilarious!

Does your dog like to hide things? Then you will feel identified with this video! Many people say their dogs hide objects and food throughout the house, which is annoying for some people and fun for others. The truth is that dogs like to hide some objects, especially if they are food, since they consider that they should take care of them and keep them for later. Surely you have seen that some dogs hide things under the bed or under the sofa, but in this case, this crazy dog leaves a gift under the sweatshirt of its owner, it is likely that this dog only wants to leave a surprise for its owner. This dog is really crazy!

One of the most common and curious customs in dogs is to hide or bury food, toys or other objects. It is a natural behavior in these animals, which does not imply any problem in their education and of course does not deserve any punishment. The reasons for this habit may have a different origin. On the one hand, this practice is associated with its primary instincts. In the past, when the dogs had not yet been domesticated, they learned that burying small portions of food would help calm their hunger until the next hunt. Although living with the human being this is not necessary, the dog still retains this instinct.

In addition, in this way dogs could protect their food from the claws of the other members of their pack; This is why they usually do it more frequently in houses where more than one dog lives. It should also be taken into account that some races tend more to this habit than others, such as the Miniature Schnauzer, the Golden Retriever or the Manchester Terrier. On other occasions, dogs acquire this behavior for entertainment and fun. These cases occur especially when they have a garden, because for them digging in the ground can become a great game. To prevent them from burying valuable items, we can buy them special toys for this purpose.

The problem arises when the dog calms his anxiety in this way, making this practice an obsession, even causing wounds in his paws with excessive activity. We will manage to solve it by providing large doses of physical exercise to our pet, as well as sufficient play time and proper discipline. Although hiding things is something totally natural in these animals and should not be scolded by them, this custom can harm their health if they decide to hide these objects in dirty places. That is why it is recommended to adapt a clean and safe area for it.

So, if your dog has this type of behavior you should not worry, nothing happens, it is the result of its nature. Another thing is to do it very often and compulsively, so we do recommend that you go to the vet to clear your doubts.The most important thing of all is to learn to enjoy the strange things that dogs do!

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