Pug Playing In A Ball Pit Is Having The Greatest Day Ever

Published January 20, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhat a sight! This pug, Poppy, is euphoric – its energy is overflowing like a volcano spewing ashes sky-high. Could it be its first time to play with many balls in a ball pit?

Dogs love to play with a ball. Time and again, we get fascinated at how dogs play with balls. Some dogs can even manage to perform stunts and tricks with it. If you have a dog, you are certainly playing catch and fetch with your dog using a ball. Is it part of your daily routine; a bonding activity between you and your dog? Have you ever experienced a moment when your dog is not interested at all even if you are teasing it with balls of varied colors? Maybe, this instance is an exception to how your dog usually behaves. When this happens, it could be that your dog is not feeling well because, as everyone knows, dogs will have heightened energy levels at the sight of balls to play with.

Try to get your dog’s excitement to the next level like this pug in the video. Perhaps, its human thought of giving this cute, lovely pug with a gift – a ball pit with colorful balls in it. As it turned out, this is the greatest gift Poppy ever received. See how it ran around. Poppy was seen bumping against the walls of the ball pit, leaping outside of it, running around and leaping back into the ball pit. What a display of joy! This pug is totally thrilled.

Watching this video provides two important things to learn and ponder. First, it gives dog pet owners a clever idea on how they can thrill their dog more than what they are currently doing. Second, with this video, one will be reminded to consider the responsibility attached in acquiring a ball pit for their pets. Research shows that ball pits may pose health hazards as they may contain germs and bacteria that can cause infections or illnesses. Having mentioned that, it is imperative that pet owners make sure that they always keep the ball pit tidy and sanitized. When cleaning, particular attention needs to be given on those parts that have deep folds – dirt may be accumulating there without being easily noticeable.

Let your dog enjoy their day with more pleasure like this pug in the video without risking your pet’s health. Keep your ball pit tidy.

Are you considering to buy a ball pit for your lovely dog? Have fun watching your dog celebrate one of its greatest days ever.

Poppy the pug in literally having a ball. Hilarious!



  • RA378, 3 weeks ago

    so funny

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    • poppythepug, 3 weeks ago

      We love a good ball pool, the best fun ever 🙌🏼

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  • charliewoofs, 3 weeks ago

    So cute 😆

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    • poppythepug, 3 weeks ago

      Aw thank you, we’re like two big kids 😂

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  • mfkhan, 2 weeks ago

    Nice one

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