Howling Pit Bull Sings Along To Harmonica

Published December 12, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & Puppies β€” Music lovers say that music is the universal language, these people may be right, since almost everyone likes music, and even some animals can understand and enjoy it. Believe it or not, some dogs have favorite musical instruments, and although most dogs love the sound of the guitar, this adorable Pit Bull dog named Petunia enjoys listening to the harmonica. Obviously, the harmonica is Petunia's favorite musical instrument, since it enjoys a lot when its owner plays the harmonica and also uses the howls to show its enthusiasm. Petunia loves the sound of the harmonica!

A dog's behavior can often be confusing, and even disconcerting, to humans. One of these surprising behaviors is the reaction of dogs howling when they hear sirens or harmonics. Contrary to popular belief, a dog rarely howls because noise hurts its delicate ears. If that were the case, some experts say, then they would show other behaviors, such as running and hiding. The reason why dogs howl at sirens and harmonics can be reduced to one word: communication.

Actually, there is a genetic component behind all this. The reason why dogs howl at sirens is because of their ancestry. Our domesticated dogs, playful and loving, actually descend from a clearly wilder animal: the wolf. And, if there is something we associate with wolves, it is their howl. For wolves, howling is a vital form of communication to use when members of the pack are lost or dispersed, for example, during a hunt. That is, howling is a way of communicating their respective locations with each other, even over long distances. Dogs, as descendants of wolves, may be expressing this instinctive behavior.

In today's world, the dog still has the innate pack mentality. Animal behaviorists and researchers point out that the sharp ears of wolves can hear the howls of their peers and their relatives dogs from long distances, making it the preferred choice of communication. On the other hand, dogs are known for their incredible range of hearing, which is far superior to that of humans. Some dog breeds can feel frequencies of up to 65,000 hertz, compared to the 20,000 hertz that humans can hear.

No research has been conducted to determine the exact percentage of dogs that howl at harmonics versus those that do not. However, you don't have to be a scientist to realize that dogs, like people, are different from each other. Perhaps some dogs feel an intuitive need to connect to the sound source that the sirens and harmonics suppose; They might believe that it is actually a group of dogs that communicate from afar. Other dogs can feel confident and safe where they are and choose to ignore the sound. Some sounds are very interesting for dogs!

Petunia the pit bull sings along to the harmonica. Priceless!


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    A beautiful and talented dog with a sensitive ear, it is very unusual to have fun with your beloved friend.πŸ•πŸ˜˜

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