Supercar club can't resist drifting in snowy parking lot

Published December 10, 2019

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsWinter in Canada means snow. And for car enthusiasts like these, snow means drifting! These supercar enthusiasts, members of the North Face Rally, were gathered at a Toronto area toy store for one of the biggest Christmas shopping sprees in Ontario. They raised a record $30,000 and filled an endless line of carts full of toys. The haul completely filled two Brinks Armoured Cars which were escorted by the North Face Rally to shelters so that the toys could be handed out to families who needed a little help over the holidays.

But while the armored cars were being loaded, the boys in the beautiful machines took advantage of the opportunity to do some spins and drifting in the far corner of the parking lot. These high powered cars are fun to drive on dry pavement, but they are even more fun to drive on snow covered parking areas.

Like overgrown kids themselves, all of the members of the car club have worked very hard to become successful enough to own the cars they dreamed of as youngsters. And none of them have forgotten what it was like when these cars were only a dream for them. Known for their generosity and big hearts, club members regularly make dreams come true for deserving people. This Christmas toy drive is just one example of how they use their cars to accomplish great things.

The Christmas season is about sharing and giving, and also about a having a little fun in the snow!


  • ray1876, 23 weeks ago

    When my son was learning to drive, I took him to an empty snow/ice covered parking lot. I let him take over and drive. My intention was to let him "feel" what it is like to be on ice and learn how to handle the car. That way he wouldn't be surprised out on the road. As we were leaving, we noticed a police officer just sitting there observing us. I imagine he knew what we were up to.

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    • DavidMcNab, 18 weeks ago

      Always good training. And a very reasonable officer.

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