Athletic Doggy Runs On The Treadmill

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis athletic dog is getting ready to show off a heart attack body this summer. He's got all the will! The canine enjoys a walk on the owner's running machine to fulfill a routine on the treadmill. Let's remember that exercise is good, not only in humans, this makes this dog is an exemplary dog, which will never suffer from obesity, joint problems or heart if you continue to include exercise day by day in your life This is admirable!

Both excess and lack of exercise can cause behavioral or health problems in dogs, hence moderation is essential to enjoy physical and mental well-being.

TV shows and park companions constantly tell us that dogs have to exercise more. However, it seems that he prefers to lie on the sofa rather than run through the garden. Do you know how much exercise your dog should do a day?

It's important to exercise, not just in humans, but in all animals. In many cases, physical health depends on bodies moving and exercising often. Not only are diseases related to weight or obesity prevented, but also the heart, mind, hormones...

A dog that does little exercise a day is prone to develop diseases, but also to behave worse. All living beings have an energy to spend every day: if it does not disappear during exercise, it will turn it into undesirable behaviors.

But an excess of exercise is also dangerous, because injuries, pains and many other ills can appear. Excess exercise also becomes bad behavior, usually destructive behavior: if a dog hurts the muscles of tiredness will try to relieve itself by tearing or chewing what is within its reach.

Dogs are usually quiet animals. They have a reputation for being lazy, and this is well-deserved: dogs have their bodies ready to sleep many hours a day. Not even in nature do they travel great distances to look for food: they are satisfied with what they have nearby.

The physical exercise we send our dogs to do must have this, along with other details, in mind. It should also take into account the age of the dog, as well as its size and other physical characteristics.

Although they are very nervous, we should not provoke a puppy to exercise. All the energy he has will be spent on his own playing on his own. We should play with him and give him space to get tired, but until he's finished developing (when he's between a year and a half and two years old) we shouldn't send him running or do extra exercise.

Adult dogs from two to five years old can exercise with us, whenever they want. Let's not forget that, like humans, they need to warm up first. From the age of seven onwards, bones and joints begin to suffer, so these demands must be reduced until the induced exercise is completely eliminated.

However, except in very specific cases where the veterinarian recommends it, it is not necessary to force a dog to run with us or after a ball, to do the necessary exercise in their day to day. Normally, three quality walks are enough to cover your needs.

For an adult dog three walks throughout the day that add more or less an hour and a half in the street is enough exercise. Dogs don't walk in a straight line, so they walk many more metres than we do, and hopefully you'll find yourself in the park with a friend who will make you run a couple of races.

Nor can we overlook the size and physical characteristics of our dog before thinking about how much exercise your dog should do a day. Small dogs not only have to make a greater effort to do the same exercise as a medium or large dog: they also have a more delicate body.

In the same way, giant dogs tend to have joint pains. Dogs with short legs and an elongated back shouldn't do extra exercise beyond their routine walks. For a dwarf dog, the very fact of doing daily walks is much more exercise than is recommended.

When we think of exercise, physical exercise always comes to mind, but few people think of mental exercise. It's no use for a dog to run for half an hour after a ball if he comes home and gets deeply bored. Boredom also leads to destructive behavior and bad behavior.

Before deciding how much exercise your dog should do each day, you need to consider his age and physique. Also, don't neglect your dog's mental exercise, as it will also determine the happiness and good behaviour of your pet.

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