Dog Can't Contain Excitement When Meeting Santa

Published December 7, 2019 56,536 Views $31.22 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEvery day we hear stories of pets that seem to act like humans, is that although it is hard to believe, many dogs, cats, horses, or any other animal species, share many things with us, one of these things, are the tastes: the animal you will look at next, has an enormous fascination with Christmas, especially with Santa.

In this beginning of Christmas Eve, the owners of this dog learned that, in a shopping mall near where they lived, pets could be photographed with Santa, they did not hesitate twice and took their pet in his best Christmas costume, so he could meet his hero.

That's what the nice dog looked like in his red suit. You can't miss the great encounter and the emotion that this little dog transmits when he meets Santa. He looks like a child! The dog assures Santa that he's been good all year to get a good gift this Hilarious Christmas!

Her owners said her pet was very quiet, but just moments after meeting Santa the dog was super excited, like never before... Please see her happy face!

Its owners after so many laughs shared the video on their social networks, which was not long in being shared by all their friends, becoming the reason for laughter and joy of many Internet surfers This is very funny!

Christmas is the most special time of all, so at home you put on the Christmas decoration, prepare the table, with tablecloths and special crockery and even we prepare ourselves with Santa Claus hats. What about pets? They can also have their hat, their special feeder for these holidays, their gift. It's Christmas, so also your dog, your cat or any pet should be given preferential treatment because they suffer a lot with rockets and firecrackers that are usually thrown, especially on New Year's Eve. They also appreciate that we give them a gift and that we open it with them on the morning of December 25.

Many times the pet, is the only thing that some people have, as a company and for everything, then deserves the best gift. Sometimes you don't need a majestic material gift, with taking it for a walk to the park to run around the permitted places, or simply taking it for a walk.

We already know that our pets are just another member of the family and we want to treat them as such, so it is normal that Christmas we want to give them some gifts to make them happy and enjoy these dates as much as we do, what better gift to start the month than to take them to meet Santa in person, don't you think?

It is very important that when everyone wears hats to celebrate Christmas, the mascot also wears a hat, so you will feel like one more at the party. On the other hand, he thinks that he can be given sweets, something to eat in the house and do not hurt, for a few days to feel that they are special days, both for homeowners and for him.

Ronda is just so excited to meet Santa. Must see!