Little Girl Threatens To Tell The Truth About Santa To Classmates

Published December 13, 2019

Rumble / Babies & KidsHave fun with this funny moment where this girl threatens to tell the whole truth about Santa to her classmates. Do you think she will? Well, she looks pretty convinced. Don't miss her arguments! This girl is not easily convinced. Enjoy it!

If we think of Christmas, we inevitably think of a gentleman with a white beard who sleds and delivers toys. However, when we have to face the issue as parents, the positions differ and the debate opens between telling them the truth or holding the game and the desire to believe everything possible.

Some parents say that believing in Santa Claus is totally unnecessary because it is a myth, a lie. These parents believe that children who grow up knowing that it is their parents who are responsible for buying Christmas gifts and placing them on the tree, grow up with a more open and more real mentality in the world.

The decision to tell your children that Santa Claus exists or does not exist is a totally personal decision. On an intellectual or cognitive level, there comes a time when the boys detect a detail in the costume, something familiar in the speech, or pay attention to the cousin or older brother who tells him the truth and decide to go forward with his "suspicions."

When is the time to tell the children who is the one who really leaves the presents under the tree?

The psychologist at the University of Texas Jacqueline Woolley has interviewed several children on this subject and has noticed that after five years there is already a fall in the belief of Santa Claus.

In the same vein, the scientific study conducted by the expert in 1978, showed that while 85% of 4-year-olds believe in Santa Claus, that amount dropped to 65% in children 6 and 25% in 8 year olds

Specialists insist that everything depends on the willingness of parents to hold the belief and how intensely children try to discover the truth.

In conclusion, the expert says, the issue of believing or not has more to do with the acceptance of magical thinking and curiosity than with a religious theme.

If you decide to tell the whole truth, you can refer to the fact that it is valid that one wants to believe that there is something magical and if you notice that you want to continue with the belief because it tells you things like that it doesn't matter if Santa exists or not, and that the important thing They are the gifts that are real. If you want to move on and want to know all the details, you will surely be running to tell the friends, so you must be prepared for the call of the occasional angry father.

Elissy wants to help educate her school friends about Santa and the tooth fairy! Don't do it!