Great Dane Literally Hops To Go Outside

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWatch as this eager dog gets excited to go for a walk and starts jumping with energy because he knows that the time is coming to leave home to explore and urinate trees at random. This dog seems not to have come out in years of confinement, but nothing is further from the truth, the truth is that this canine goes for walks often, but he loves so much, it is inevitable to hide his emotion You have to see him jump!

If your puppy causes you problems jumping, barking, screaming and crying just before going out for a walk don't worry, he's just excited and happy to go out for a walk. Although many times dogs are too crazy and that's when it's wise to do a routine to control them, but do not worry either because everything has a remedy.

It is common that the routine of "going out for a walk" becomes a whole annoying party or fuss. The best technique to change this behavior and modify this habit is through positive reinforcement. First of all, remember that your dog must have an established routine and know how to use the leash.

You'll need your dog's favorite treats (small pieces of turkey sausage usually work very well). Patience and perseverance. No yelling, tapping, pulling or anger, remember that they are like children and don't make those riots in annoying ways, rather they just want to play.

The first objective will be for your dog to stop associating the leash with moments of anxiety and fuss. To do this, from now on and before anything else, you must take the leash ball in one hand (without your dog reach or recognize it). Call him and ask him to sit down (you'll have to ignore him if he jumps and runs, don't tell him anything). Once your dog approaches you and is calmer, ask him to sit down again. As soon as you get him to feel rewarded.

Put him on the leash: Once he is seated and attentive, put him on the leash. If your dog starts to bite, run, jump etc. ask him to sit down again, if necessary let him smell the sausage, he will notice that you have it in your hand. Once you get him still and have his attention give him the prize. If that's not enough, then leave the leash on and let it go. Let him walk and walk around the house with the leash loose and as soon as you see him calm say "very well" and reward him.

Before you open the door, you must keep him seated and still. Remember to ignore when he runs, jumps or bites the strap. Once he is calm and seated with the door open, now tell him "very well". Your reward will be to get out, by being seated and calm before you go out.

Repeat this exercise several times a day before going for a walk until you get your dog to focus on the prizes and sit down to get them. It will be a new sitting routine and calm to get to each walk. If you are consistent and constant, every day that passes and you do these exercises you will see improvement. In less than a dog barks, the time of the walk will be easier and easier. Remember that the main key is patience and perseverance. The first few days will be the most difficult but you'll see great progress in a week or two.

Now if you have all the tools to achieve the ideal routine to go for a walk with your pet. Put it into practice and become an expert in the walk and a great tamer of dogs anxious and desperate to run away from home Hilarious!

Anytime Gamora wants to go outside she “hops” like a bunny. Showing off her spring action jumps whenever she’s excited!