Cute Pup Confused By Dog Sand Sculpture

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you like to see sand sculptures when you go to the beach? See how realistic this sand sculpture is! Believe it or not, taking your dog to the beach is a good idea since on the beach dogs can do many recreational activities, in addition to improving their health since the beach allows them to exercise. Sand sculptures are generally a problem when dogs are present as dogs tend to run all over the beach and generally break all the sand sculptures they find on the beach. In this case, a dog observes a realistic sand sculpture very similar to him, so the dog is very surprised and bewildered not knowing why there is a sand dog similar to him on the beach. This sand sculpture is great!

Choose a pet-friendly beach. There are more and more beaches that allow dogs to enter, as long as certain rules are complied with, such as keeping him on a leash and collar at all times or that it is not large. Consult those destinations accessible to pets and avoid problems.

If you are going to take your dog to the beach, pack a ta suitcase ’for your dog. Just like you or your family, the dog also needs to take certain things on vacation. For example, the feeder and drinker, some toy that he loves (especially if you want to play with him on the beach), a towel to dry it after he gets out of the water, a blanket to sleep comfortably at night and other things that you consider necessary.

Make sure your dog stays in the shade. It is very important when you go to the beach with your dog that he does not suffer from heatstroke, something to which the dogs are very prone. During the hottest noon hours, it would be good for them to return to the accommodation. If that is not possible, then you will have to leave it in the shade and with a good amount of freshwater available.

If it is the first time that you take your dog to the sea, you must take great care of it to avoid an accident in the water. It is true that they know how to swim and can get out without problems, although they can stay in the middle of a "whirlpool" of water or go too far from the shore. Also keep in mind that if the sea is very cold and the sand is hot, this change in temperature may not be good for the animal's health: it causes colds. Avoid drinking a lot of saltwater -worse with sand- because it can be bad for your stomach. Also, try not to get water in your ears: it causes infections like otitis.

Although he is the most obedient dog in the world, when the dog goes to the beach he is in an unknown environment. This can cause changes in your behavior, especially if you see other animals nearby. Therefore, it is recommended that you have it continuously by your side and on a leash. You can buy those extensions for a little more freedom, but never let it go.

A realistic dog sculpture confuses other dogs walking nearby. Too funny!


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