Playful baby goats jump onto back of patient horse

Published November 25, 2019

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you ever thought that farm animals can do fun things when nobody looks at them? Then look at these goats baby! All animals like to have fun regardless of where they are, but fun is always better when there are baby goats nearby, as clearly shown in this video. In this case, you can see how two children have fun together and take advantage of the opportunities to get on a huge horse, obviously, these young children are a good duet, since they both support each other and have a lot of fun. It seems that the horse likes to play with goats, since everything is completely normal and fun, but unfortunately one of the goats slips and falls to the ground. It seems that someone must improve their balance at heights!

Although the domestic goat descends from the wild goat, a species native to Central Asia, it is currently present worldwide, including small islands. However, some breeds are raised in specific parts, such as the Abaza, which is mainly maintained in Turkey, or the Argentata dell’Etna, raised around Mount Etna in Italy. Some wild populations live on certain islands of the world, among which is Hawaii. Thanks to its domestication, it adapts to a multitude of terrestrial habitats, but requires pastures for cattle. The only ones where it does not thrive are tundras, deserts and, of course, aquatic habitats. It can remain in dry areas, with the condition that humans feed it. You also need a site wide enough to be able to graze and move freely.

The domestic goat is ruminant and uses its lips to contain its food and introduce it into its mouth. It is essentially herbivorous when it consumes herbs and woody plants such as shrubs. It is popularly said that you can eat almost anything, even inedible materials such as cardboard, but it is more a myth than a reality. Of course, eat plants that other pets avoid, such as herbs. Show preference for pastures and avoid those that are contaminated with feces. Farm goats are fed with fodder throughout the year, and in certain seasons they are taken to graze.

Despite not grouping in flocks like other mammals, you must live in groups of 2 or more goats, since it is a social animal. Usually, it is kept in flocks of sizes organized by humans, but by nature they are found in flocks of approximately 5-20 or up to 100 members, which can only be males, only females with offspring or mixed. Despite its sedentary condition, this animal is very curious and likes to climb structures and even trees. He performs his main activities during the day and usually rests at night.

There is no risk of extinction for the domestic goat, but it is not without danger. As it is domesticated and does not usually defend itself against other animals, it is very susceptible to the predation of carnivores such as coyotes, pumas, red foxes, bald eagles and even domestic dogs, who jump the farm fences to feed on them, both young and old If you live outside the farms or get lost outside them, you run the risk of accidents on the roads or in the cities. These baby goats and this horse are best friends!