Family Rescues Baby Lamb Stuck In Underground Pipe

Published November 6, 2017 22,862 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThey say curiosity killed the cat, but it also brought a whopper of trouble for every newborn since the beginning of time. Babies can get into some really sticky situations as soon as they start navigating this big new world they find themselves in. But navigating through the unknown can be a perilous trip, which is exactly how this baby animal got itself in this mess in the first place.

An adorable little lamb found herself in one such conundrum last month, apparently falling and getting trapped in an underground pipe at Zed & Co Free-range Farms in Victoria, southeast Australia. The farmer’s daughter and her best friend heard the baby sheep’s cries and alerted the adults at once. Initiate Operation Save Lamb!

Watch this incredible video where a small lamb gets stuck in an underground pipe, but fortunately, some children notice it when they hear the poor animal scream and then ask adults for help who after arduous work manage to save the animal. Surprising!

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it also brought a lot of problems for all infants since the beginning of time. Babies, both human and animal, can get into really difficult situations as soon as they start navigating this great new world in which they find themselves. But navigating through the unknown can be a dangerous journey, which is exactly how this baby lamb got into this mess by getting stuck in this underground pipe.

An adorable lamb was found by some children, apparently falling and being trapped in an underground pipeline at Zed & Co Free-farm Farms in Victoria, southeastern Australia. The farmer's daughter and her best friend heard the cries of the baby sheep and alerted the adults immediately. At that same moment the adults started the operation Save the lamb!

After digging around the pipe and cutting it with a circular saw, they tried to open the pipe with a pair of levers. Too thick for these tools, because a hole had to open completely in the pipe, with much patience they managed to open a hole that allowed them to visualize and finally remove the small lamb stuck.

"I can see it ... it's still alive ... it's black," the children say in a continuous commentary during the rescue operation. Finally, the little black sheep is taken out by one of the children who died of desire to save the little sheep. At last the little black sheep is free! Wet but still warm. Operation "Save Lamb" was declared a success.

It seems that these guys have found the black sheep of the family, the one that gets into trouble but there will always be someone to help her. This little lamb is so adorable that we are very happy that he is safe and can continue running and playing on the farm with the other animals.

Accidents like this are very common in very curious animals, who like to explore all places and their surroundings to know it better. Little lamb leaves mischief aside! This time you ran a lot of luck and you were saved by these gentle guys, but if it gets to repeat you could actually get stuck seriously in the pipe because the lambs grow very fast and you will not always be a little one.

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    Lucky lamb! Great job, kids. Stay helpful and kind.

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