Pomeranian performs twirl every time he sees his reflection

Published November 22, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA Pomeranian sees himself in a mirror and believes there's an extra Pomeranian in the place! This is his first time viewing her reflection in the mirror and his response is priceless!Pomeranian performs twirl every time he sees his reflection. Chimmy the Pomeranian does this every time he is in front of a mirror. Too funny!

Check out this cute Pomeranian as he attempts to make contact with his reflection in the mirror. This cute clip shows the moment a curious Pomeranian comes face to face with himself after looking into a mirror for the first time and getting happy. The video tells the Pomeranian staring at his reflection and letting a little low smile before taking a step forward and happy. she is confused that she even tries to sniff in the mirror. she then backs away because she obviously likes the cold, hard touch and rather adorably starts moving her head sideways, entirely unsure of how to behave in the given situation.

The Pomeranian then bravely takes another step forward and touches the mirror once again while letting short happy all along, communicating with her reflexion. It looks like this dog can’t come to phrases with her reflection and looks around the room. Pomeranian happy with the reflection in mirror Cuteness overload!When your pet sees in the mirror, what does he understand? A playmate, maybe. An adversary, sometimes. But could he possibly recognize himself? For that topic, does a Pomeranian have a sense of ‘person’? This charming footage of a Pomeranian staring himself in the mirror for the first time had us in stitches. her reaction is both hilarious and extremely cute!

The mirror is a funny thing. Until you are old enough to understand the simple physics behind the plate of glass coated in a thin layer of metal able to reflect light to you, watching in a mirror is like looking into an identical universe. We use it to make ourselves presentable when we go out in public. The Pomeranian uses it to have some amazing fun and we love to see them at it!

Kids are not the only ones who love seeing themselves in the mirror - pets do it too! Watch as this Pomeranian works to befriend his reflection in the mirror! Most true, this was his usual reaction to seeing in the mirror. she decided to outsmart the other Pomeranian in the mirror but became difficult when the mirror- Pomeranian copied his every move.This is her first time viewing her reflection in the mirror and her reaction is valuable! Necessity see!