Super fluffy kittens adorably cuddle together

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Rumble / Cats & KittensThey're not little sheep! They are beautiful Selkirk Rex kittens that will melt your heart completely. These beautiful newborn specimens have a good time together. Adorable! Look how they embrace and warm each other, it will be the most beautiful thing you will see today. Enjoy it!

The cat selkirk rex belongs to one of the few breeds of cats with curly hair. Its extraordinary appearance combined with a soft character makes it conquer the hearts of many cat lovers.In addition to the selkirk rex cat there are other curly-haired cats, which, however, is due to different genetic mutations. Among them are german rex, devon rex, cornish rex and LaPerm, a new breed. By the way, the term rex comes from the breeding of domestic rabbits of similar fur, known as rex rabbits. Breeding rex cats is sometimes viewed critically because the whiskers are wavy and therefore shorter. Some animal protectors criticize that this reduces the whiskers' sounding function.

The most striking feature of these cats is the curly hair. This may, or may not, occur in both long and short hair variants. In the crosses of selkirk rex with selkirk rex can also be born smooth haired kittens. The rest of the physical characteristics are shared with their siblings. This breed weighs a maximum of seven kilos. It is medium to large in size and has a strong bone structure. The selkirk rex is the largest cat among the curly-haired kittens. It has a strong head with wide cheekbones, the eyes are round and quite separated from each other. Seen from one side you can see the stop of his nose. The coat can be long or short and all colors are allowed including patterns such as tabby or point.

The selkirk rex is kind, cuddly and close to people, as long as it comes from a serious kennel. He loves to be in the company of humans and demands their caresses. Since he tends to follow his reference person everywhere, he is compared to a dog. In addition, he gets along very well with his fellows and, if he lives at home, he should always be kept with another cat. If they are accustomed from kittens, it is easy for them to adapt to the daily routine of their humans and they will not be afraid to vacuum or travel by car.

The care of the soft coat is not very complicated, both in the variant of short hair and long hair. Brush your kitten at least once a week. During moulting you may need to comb your kitten more often. Short-haired selkirk rex also like you to help them with their care. If you get them used to it from an early age, you will make them enjoy this ritual. By the way, sometimes the typical curly coat does not appear until the adult age of the cat. In some cases, developing kittens lose their hair, which is no cause for concern. If in doubt, you can talk to your vet.