Doctor soothes hospitalized baby by singing song

Published November 22, 2019

Rumble / Priceless MomentsAn absolutely heartwarming video of a baby at a clinic has gone viral on social media and will delight you for sure. The 17-second clip was shared on Facebook by Shannon Wemyss and has already been viewed over 43,000 times.Shannon's daughter went to a clinic for a blood test and the doctor, in order to distract her from the pain, sang Nat King Cole's hit song Unforgettable in the video. It appears that the baby loved Dr Ryan Coetzee's song because she didn't even fret for a second during the blood test, and instead listened to him patiently.

In her caption for the post, Shannon described the moment and said that Dr Ryan Coetzee was absolutely amazing.A paediatrician was filmed singing Nat King Cole's Unforgettable to a ten-month-old baby to soothe her during a blood test. Dr Ryan Coetzee sings the love song to baby Gracey at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, Scotland.Grace, who has Down's Syndrome, has had open-heart surgery and a kidney operation and since has had to get her blood drawn regularly. The adorable clip shows Dr Coetzee singing to the tot who lies on a hospital bed next to a toy.

At first, the doctor, who is a classically-trained singer, contemplates what song to perform. He says: 'Let's change it up to,' before launching into the hit song from the 1950s.The doctor, originally from South Africa, sings: 'Unforgettable. That's what you are. Unforgettable. Though near or far, that's why darling it's incredible that someone so unforgettable, thinks that I am unforgettable too.'"This is something so special! My daughter is usually distraught getting blood done, she has had them done a huge amount of times but never has had a reaction quite like this, not one tear. I have never faced a doctor quite like this one absolutely amazing. He had a smile on everyone's face. An example of a job is more than a paycheck at the end of the month.

The clip has garnered over 1000 likes and has been shared frequently as well. "Raigmore singing paediatrician. Heard him all day yesterday, lovely voice," a user said in the comments section while another added, "This is amazing. You guys are awesome".Dr Coetzee told The Inverness Courier: 'Singing to the patients has always been something I have done. It’s a natural movement for me to sing and when you work in paediatrics its fun to be silly and make the kids laugh.'It has been getting a lot of attention and I am now being asked if I am the "singing doctor" but if it works for the patients then I’m happy.'Gracey's mother added: 'I have never seen anything like it. He sang to her the whole time while being able to focus on getting the blood with a tiny needle.''He actually managed to make me laugh during it and Gracey was mesmerized by his amazing songs.


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