Dog Whines For Owner To Stop Working, Climbs On Laptop

Published November 21, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think some dogs need more affection and attention than others? You are probably right, since this video shows that some dogs can do very crazy things to attract the attention of their owners. In general, most dogs like to spend time with their owners, since dogs really like to play and have fun, and for this they often require the help of their owners. This video shows how a dog asks its owner to stop working on the laptop and pay attention to it, but seeing that its owner ignores it, the dog decides to get on the laptop to force its owner to pay attention. This dog goes crazy when he needs love!

Your dog is not dumb and knows perfectly how to make us pay our full attention. He knows that if he licks us we will interpret him as a show of affection and pamper him a little, showing our gratitude. In the same way that he knows that if he comes and gives us the leg, we will laugh and ask him what he wants. It is a very common way to get attention in dogs, since it usually works. If he licks us, we can caress him a little so he knows that we have understood him and continue with what we were doing, if we want, or play a little with him. But if you hit us with the small leg, it is always advisable to pay attention.

Barking is a tremendously common act in dogs, as it is one of the solid ways in which they have to communicate, warn or claim. It is completely normal for a dog to bark and will not always attract attention, as it may be simply expressing itself. However, if our dog does not look at us or approaches us to bark at us, it is very likely that he wants to get our attention. Although this time, not necessarily to play. There are many cases in which a dog has barked at people until they have followed him, to indicate that his son had fallen or had problems. Even to warn about a fire or the presence of strangers at home. When our dog barks at us to get our attention, we must always pay attention, without exception.

In addition to playing to release energy, dogs also use this curious technique to serve them. Running from one place to another as crazy or between our legs is a common act when they want us to hear them. It will be enough to congratulate him a little while we caress him so that he understands that he has achieved his goal and we are paying attention to him. We can even play a little with him throughout the house and hide to look for us, have you never tried? You will laugh a lot. Some people believe that when a dog makes repetitive movements to try to bite its tail, they also try to get our attention. However, this is not the case, it is a problem of anxiety, stress or obsessive compulsive canine disorder.

At the general levels, we must always pay attention to them, as it is the form of communication they use with us. Among dogs they use their own canine language and to be honest ... most people don't know how to interpret it. So, for something they learn from us ... it's better to help them whenever they want. Although as we have seen, on some occasions it will be enough to simply pay them a little attention and, on others, all our attention. dogs deserve all the love in the world!